How To Choose High-Efficiency Windows?

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One of the reasons for replacing old windows is reducing heat transfer and improving soundproofing. Conventional wooden frames tend to have poor insulation, leading to higher HVAC costs. Modern window technology can reduce heating and cooling bills, make your house comfortable year-round, and minimize your carbon footprint. Keep reading to find out everything you need […]

How to Keep Cold Air From Coming Through Windows?

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Many of us don’t realize that our windows aren’t doing their job until the winter creeps in. Inefficient windows enable the cool air to enter our homes, making us feel cold and miserable. Besides not keeping our homes warm, inefficient windows also increase our heating bills. Keep reading to learn more about how to keep […]

Standard Window Sizes Canada

Standard window sizes Canada

When remodelling the woodwork in your home, it might be tempting to go big or use customized windows to create a better aesthetic. However, the system of standard window sizes Canada laws enforce is a much safer and more cost-efficient option. Standardized window sizes are proven to be safe, more energy-efficient, and less prone to […]

The Best Styles and Type of Windows for the Bedroom

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The Best Styles and Type of Windows for the Bedroom Windows plays a key role in your bedroom. They make you feel like your room’s area has been increased, if installed properly. Moreover, they allow sunlight to come in and make your bedrooms brighter.There is never a perfect single style that fits all when it […]

Best Kitchen Windows Types, Shapes & Designs

Best Kitchen Windows Types, Shapes & Designs

The kitchen is usually the busiest room in the house, and it’s also where you spend the majority of your time. While the utility is vital in the kitchen, remember that aesthetics are as important. The correct windows play an important role in the overall appearance and functionality of the kitchen. Choosing the appropriate kitchen […]

Topic: What Perks does the Green Home Initiative Offer to Homeowners


The green home initiative offer is a brand new scheme to get homeowners to play their part in the green thumb. The government of Canada has announced grants of 700,000 grants of up to $5000 and other incentives for energy-efficient home retrofits. The good news is that The Window Experts can help you upgrade to […]

Factors Affecting Window Replacement Cost

Windows play an integral part in showcasing your home’s aesthetic appeal. An effective way to give your home a makeover is to replace worn-out windows with modern designs if you are planning to sell the house soon. You can upgrade your curb appeal and property value by choosing unique design styles.  Prospective buyers prefer to […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Windows During Spring

Windows require upkeep and maintenance. If the windows become outdated, are shabby to look at, and cannot function properly, they require replacement. But most homeowners usually avoid any maintenance and replacement work in the winter months as that risks exposing the entire household to extreme temperatures. Generally, Spring is considered the best season for all […]

Casement Windows Explained

Casement windows also known as crank windows are viewed as a standard for home window installation. A casement window opens more completely than most other window styles, making the process of installation smooth. In order to figure out the right window option, we will need to learn its history and why it became such a […]