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How Long Do Windows Last? Everything You Need to Know Before Contracting Window Replacement

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No window lasts forever, even low-maintenance vinyl windows. Although you won’t need to replace your windows every year, they will need replacing at some point.
You’ll want to ensure that when you are ready to replace your windows, you know what factors matter in choosing replacement windows that can last for decades.
So, how long do windows last? This blog delves deeper into the subject to help you make an informed choice.
how long do windows last

Common Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Most people don’t think about replacing their windows until they notice major flaws. It could be that you open your blinds and find a draft, or hear more squeaking than usual when you open and close them.
So, how do you know when to replace your windows? There are several signs, and we’ve outlined the most common ones below:

Windows Over 30 Years Old

If you replace your furnace and air conditioner every ten years but have never bothered to replace the windows, it may be time to rethink. These existing windows may no longer be as energy-efficient or functional, necessitating replacement.

Single-Paned Windows

Double-paned windows can be a game-changer for any household. The extra layer they offer can drastically cut your energy bills. If you’re still using the old, single-paned windows for your home, you need to consider upgrading them with the more modern and efficient models.

Excessive Condensation between Panes

If you notice beads of water between panes of window glass, you may need to replace your windows. This is an indication that the seals have failed. That might not sound like a catastrophe, but broken seals will make themselves known on your energy bills.

High Utility Bills

If you start seeing unexplained increases in utility costs and aren’t sure why the culprit could be your windows. Low E2, Low E3, and Low E3/ERS windows with argon gasses increase energy efficiency, saving energy costs.

Broken/Misaligned Windows

A broken or misaligned window can cause serious problems for you, your family, and your pets. The faulty window will allow large amounts of heat and cold to flow through the opening, potentially causing all sorts of discomfort.

So, How Long Do Windows Last?

How long do windows last? You can answer this question with two words: quality and maintenance.
The lifespan of a window depends on its material. This is because some window material lasts longer than others.
When purchasing replacement windows, you must figure out what type of material you want. Each type has its own lifespan, so it’s necessary to know how long each material can last. Here are some descriptions of window materials and how long they last.
vinyl windows toronto

Vinyl Windows

The majority of homes use vinyl windows. Experts attest that vinyl is one of the best materials you can put in your home.

It is durable and comes in many styles and colours. Vinyl windows come sealed on the outside for extra protection from the elements. With proper care and maintenance, these windows can last at least 20 to 30 years.

Wood Windows

With proper maintenance, sturdy wooden windows can last approximately 30 to 50 years. Because of this sturdiness, wooden windows can increase the value of your home, making them an excellent investment in the long term.

Aluminum Windows

In the past, aluminum was a mainstay in window construction. People preferred it due to its cost-effectiveness and durability at the time. While aluminum has fallen out of favor in recent years, it does offer such benefits as easy cleaning and a wide array of colours and styles.
If you have these windows in your home, expect them to last around 20 years.

Fibreglass Windows

Fibreglass windows last approximately 30 to 40 years with the proper care. However, they are also more expensive than some other options. This is because of the longer lifespan and the fact that fibreglass windows are among the most energy-efficient.
Room Windows

Composite Windows

A good composite window will have an aluminum-clad timber frame. This is the best combination of strength and durability. The aluminum provides a barrier against the elements, adding insulation to your windows.
While they’re by no means indestructible, you can expect composite windows to last somewhere between 20 and 25 years. They are also very affordable as you won’t have a full aluminum frame.
If you have access to a home improvement store that sells these replacement windows, this is an important metric to remember while shopping around. It’s essential to pick windows that strike your ideal balance between longevity and affordability. Longer-lasting windows are more expensive, but they make up that cost by needing fewer repairs and replacements over time.

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Are you on the fence about getting new windows and wondering, “How long do windows last?”
Looking at your utility bills and indoor comfort is a good start. If you constantly feel a draft, have trouble opening and closing your windows, or notice condensation between your window panes, it might be time to replace them. These problems indicate that your windows have outlasted their useful lives, and it’s probably time for a replacement.

Our experienced technicians will examine your windows and deliver you an accurate quote. If you decide to move forward with your window replacement project, we’ll take care of all the labour, so you can sit back and relax!

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