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Steel Door Replacement

We bring over 50 years of combined experience designing and installing steel exterior and interior doors. Our team works with homeowners, property developers and contractors. We deliver high quality custom doors on time and for all budgets.


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Our strong steel doors for homes, offices and factories are thermally insulated and offer excellent energy efficiency. They ensure security of premises and long life even in tough climates. Speak to our team about fire rating your doors.

Steel door installation
steel door


  • Steel doors have always been popular in commercial offices and manufacturing facilities. But homeowners have become the biggest buyers recently. New designs, enhanced security and other functional benefits have made steel doors a great option.

    • Contemporary designs for home use
    • Excellent protection from break-ins
    • Weather resistant and energy efficient
    • Cannot be bent, broken or forced open easily
    • Excellent sound and vibration insulation


You can choose from a wide variety of options to create their own unique steel doors. To find out how you can configure and customize your steel doors get in touch with a team member.

  • Unique door designs
  • Choice of color and pattern of door and frame
  • Glass panes – Safety glass, tempered glass and more
  • Door core – Heat insulating, hollow core and more
  • With or without sidelights
  • Fire rating
steel door


  • High strength steel doors
  • Wood, steel and fibreglass frames
  • Steel doors with glass
  • Integrated manual and electric blinds
  • Single or double panel swing
  • Steel door frames with sidelights
  • Energy Star qualified doors


At The Window Experts we are constantly working with manufacturers to find new building materials for doors that offer the best insulation. Our door design, construction and installation are puzzle pieces to creating a highly energy efficient space.

To reduce our carbon footprint, our doors are manufactured ethically at state-of-the-art facilities. Our processes ensure minimum waste, long-lasting performance and clean manufacturing. Speak to us about responsibly recycling your old doors.

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