5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Windows During Spring

Windows require upkeep and maintenance. If the windows become outdated, are shabby to look at, and cannot function properly, they require replacement. But most homeowners usually avoid any maintenance and replacement work in the winter months as that risks exposing the entire household to extreme temperatures. Generally, Spring is considered the best season for all sorts of repair work, especially…

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Casement windows explained

Casement windows also known as crank windows are viewed as a standard for home window installation. A casement window opens more completely than most other window styles, making the process of installation smooth. In order to figure out the right window option, we will need to learn its history and why it became such a popular option. What Are Casement…

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twe benefits of vinyl windows
Benefits of vinyl windows

Vinyl windows were first installed in Canadian homes in 1966, more than 50 years ago. Their popularity kept growing and within a few decades they had dethroned wood and aluminum windows as the window of choice. Today, vinyl windows are available for all budgets, are durable, customizable, low maintenance and energy efficient. Truly, vinyl replacement windows are the every window…

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twe window replacement how its done
Find out what happens during window replacement

Replacing windows is no easy task. It is a multi-step process, each of which has to be performed with the utmost care and precision. Complete window replacement requires caution and careful handling. In this article, a detailed explanation of the steps to follow during window replacement will be provided. Need for window replacement The window may need to be replaced…

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Top 3 Reasons Why Triple Pane Glass Makes For Amazing Replacement Window Markham

If you are looking for replacement windows in Markham weather means you should be considering triple pane windows. Sure they are heavier and a little more expensive than double-glazed windows (at first), but the benefits of having triple-glazing are simply enormous. The best analogy for comparing triple pane windows to dual pane windows is to compare them to light bulbs.…

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