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HER+ Rebate Program

The HER+ program (Starting from Jan 01, 2023) provides rebates for home retrofits and evaluation, to a total of $10,600.

Houses with Enbridge gas account are eligible for a maximum of $10,600 for the implementation of eligible retrofits such as wall and attic insulation, windows, doors, heat pump, solar panels, …and houses without Enbridge gas account (running on oil, propane, electricity, etc…)

Are eligible for up to $5,600 rebate.

Windows & Door Rebate





Max $10,600



Max $10.600


Replace your windows or sliding glass doors ENERGY STAR certified models:

U-factor of 1.22 W/m2K or less OR Energy Rating > 34


Per Opening


Per Opening

Replace your windows or sliding glass doors ENERGY STAR certified models:

U-factor of 1.05 W/m2K or less OR Energy Rating > 40


Per Opening


Per Opening


Replace hinged doors, with or without sidelights or transoms ENERGY STAR certified models:

U-factor of 1.22 W/m2K or less OR Energy Rating > 30



Advantages Of The Program

One of the key benefits of the program is the financial incentive offered to homeowners. By upgrading their windows and doors to more energy-efficient models, homeowners can receive a rebate on their investment. The amount of the rebate varies based on the type of upgrade, with more substantial rebates available for those who make larger upgrades. For example, a homeowner who replaces their windows with high-efficiency models may be eligible for a rebate of up to $500.

In addition to the financial incentives, the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus Program also provides support and resources to help homeowners make the most of their upgrades. This includes information on the types of upgrades available, advice on how to select the best models for their home, and information on the process of installing new windows and doors. The program also provides access to a network of qualified contractors who are experienced in installing energy-efficient windows and doors.

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How To Participate

To participate in the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus Program, homeowners must complete an application and provide documentation of their upgrades. The program is open to all homeowners who are eligible for the program and who meet the program’s eligibility requirements. To be eligible, homeowners must meet certain criteria, such as the age of their home, the type of windows and doors they currently have, and their energy consumption levels.


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