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Summer Maintenance Tips For Your Doors and Windows

Once temperatures start rising and the days become longer and warmer, homeowners and property managers need to start thinking of one thing, actually two things: door repairs and window repairs. A harsh winter can give our windows and doors quite a beating and spring-summer is the time to show these fixtures some tender, loving care.

A thorough inspection

The first thing to do, even before deciding on a course of action for door repairs and window repairs, is to conduct a thorough inspection. You need to decide if only deep cleaning is required or if it is a more serious case of repairs and overhaul. Deeper damage may mean they need to be replaced instead. The start of summer is a great time to get in some glass repair and sliding glass door repair. Those of you with vinyl windows will find the cleaning to be pretty painless while wooden windows may make some effort.

Allow more light to enter the space

While conducting door repairs and window repairs, it is an excellent time to accentuate the windows to make your home seem more airy and fresh. Choosing newer and more floral fabrics for curtains can definitely open the space up. Brighter colours and lighter patterns on windows can completely update an entire space.

Simple tips to enhance the main door

Install side lights or additional lights to your entrance door. This will immediately enhance the outlook and make the space look more welcoming. If you are in the mood for slightly more extensive door repairs, how about adding a sidelight to your door in the form of an addition of stained glass or any other decorative glass. Not only would this improve the space but also bring more light into the area.

Pay attention to the trim

The window trim is a simple and easy fix to enhancing the appearance of the window without any major overhauls. A trim can often be replaced or upgraded at a fraction of a cost as to what the bill would be for a complete window replacement. When a visitor is walking up to your house, he/she first sees the trim so repainting the trim or upgrading it is a great way to do window repairs in a budget.

Door overhaul

A door repair can completely transform your space and I am not just talking about the main entrance door. Side doors, patio doors, bedroom doors, backyard doors, screen doors all contribute to the overall look and feel of a house. A fresh coat of paint, a new door knocker, replacing the door trim are all simple and easy ways to spruce up those doors.

Quick and basic repairs

When starting out with your spring maintenance start out with the door repairs and window repairs. Do a visual check first looking for any leaks, cracks, loose nuts and bolts, peeling paint, hinges that are making noise, doors that don’t close properly and rotting wood. All these are easy fixes for window and door professionals.

Spring Cleaning Time

If your doors and windows don’t require much in the line of repairs, they could still do with a deep clean. Water, glass cleaner and scouring agents are you need to go all over the surfaces and trims, ensuring all the dirt and grime is removed.

Don’t delay window and door replacement at your home. Call The Window Experts for the most professional service and to get the job done right.


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