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Windows And Doors Installation Toronto Window Experts

Energy-efficient Vinyl Windows by Window Experts

Windows and doors greatly affect how much energy your home uses. If they’re not energy efficient, you might need to use more energy to keep your home comfortable. But don’t worry, Window Experts has a solution. We install energy-efficient windows that can help you save energy and money.

Our windows have special coatings and features that make them top-notch for energy efficiency. They even have the Energy Star Seal, which means they meet high standards for saving energy. Plus, we offer a lifetime warranty that you can transfer if you ever sell your home. That’s peace of mind for you.

Our windows are designed to keep your home cozy all year long. They have a special coating called Low-E, which helps keep the heat inside during winter and the cool air in during summer. And to make them even better, our double-pane and triple-pane windows are filled with Argon gas, which makes them super insulating. So, with The Window Experts windows and doors, you can enjoy a comfy home and lower energy bills

Get Greater Value
For a Smaller Investment

Save on bills

With our Energy Star rated windows save up to 30% on energy bills. Make your home more energy efficient and save money

Enhanced warranty

Lifetime warranty on white vinyl frame and vinyl sash, a 15-year warranty on painted frames and sashes, a 10-year warranty on insulating glass, and hardware

Affordable prices

We offer best prices on the market. We’ll adjust price if you find anny better, so you can get outstanding value for your money

Payment plan

Defer payments up to 12 month. Up to 60 equal payments

Custom Design

We’ll help you find the best solution just for your home, from any style to any color and hardware

Financing Options

We got a flexible financing options just for you. Get up to $100,000 per project.

Vinyl Windows

Our windows will enhance your home’s look and at the same time save on energy bills.

We only use modern features and professional window installation to eliminate drafts and help maintain a pleasant temperature throughout all seasons. Learn more about our collections.

We understand how much warranty is important, so you can get peace of mind with our warranty package on all new windows and installation from Window Experts

window installation service

Window Styles

Our windows will enhance your home’s look and at the same time save on energy bills. We only use modern features and professional window installation to eliminate drafts and help maintain a pleasant temperature throughout all seasons. Learn more about our collections.

Awning Window


Great airflow without the risk of rain or snow entering your home. Our windows open to a 45° degree through the use of a smooth crank handle.


Our casement windows offer unparalleled access, opening up to 90°, with a convenient crank handle that ensures minimum effort for you.

Single Slider

These are our most affordable windows. The concept is the same as double sliders but instead of both sashes sliding, one is fixed.


Double Slider

If you are looking for a window that offers great airflow and doesn’t take up a lot of space double slider windows are the ones for you.


End-Vent Slider

Our vent slider windows are all about convenience. You can choose from a variety of configurations to maximize small openings.

Picture Window


Choose from a wide variety of grill designs. Our picture style of windows can be teamed with other windows, such as casement, hung or slider.

Fixed Casement

Fixed casement windows are a great option if you want to bring in some natural light and have sufficient airflow in the room.

Single Hung

The style and operation is simple: the upper sash is fixed and the lower sash slides up and down.What’s more, it also tilts inwards for easier cleaning.

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Our New Casement Window

Introducing the new Casement Windows, Proudly Made In Canada! Experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and reliability for your home. These exquisite windows offer a lifetime of peace of mind with their unbeatable Lifetime Window and Installation Warranty.

With their innovative design, these windows maximize natural light and provide superior ventilation. Say goodbye to drafts and high energy bills!

Why Vinyl Windows Better

The best blend of functionality, performance, and appearance on the market. Vinyl windows are a great investment for your home, helping you save on energy bills while staying low maintenance. 

Energy Star Rated window

100% Leak-proof

Install energy-saving windows, and live without drafts and condensation.


Better sound insulation of our vinyl windows will not allow extraneous noises from the street or the road to disturb you, when you need to relax after a working day. Enjoy the comfortable atmosphere spent in your home, as if in a peaceful natural landscape.


All our windows windows filled with argon have double heat-reflecting ability, protecting the room from heat in the summer. The argon chamber helps to reduce condensation on windows along the perimeter of the profile.


The ease of use and durability of your windows depends on the quality, functionality, and strength of the handles and other accessories. Closing and opening the sashes with the help of handles should be easy and require almost no physical effort.

Energy Efficient

Our vinyl windows will help you keep the heat in the room. Not letting moisture and cold into your apartment, vinyl windows stand guard over your coziness all year round.


We offer quality certificates and warranty on all our windows. Products with quality certificates are a guarantee that your windows will serve you faithfully year after year.


Don't skimp on the safety of your family and children, get windows with anti-burglary fittings that provide a high level of protection for your home against burglary.


We offer a wide selection of window styles and features that definitely will fit your budget. Check out our Spring promotions and financing options and get a quote.


Our windows are not only a source of natural light, they also embody the aesthetic appeal of your home. Their modern design fits perfectly into any interior style.

Features and Options

We make custom windows to match your preferences and needs. With a wide variety of styles and customization options, you’ll choose the perfect fit for your home aesthetically. 

Glass Options

When choosing the type of glass for your windows, you can combine different options to achieve maximum comfort and energy efficiency in your home. 

Locking Systems

Choose from automatic locking systems, mechanisms with multi-point locking to complicate breakage, standard locks  and a lot more. 


Add an aesthetic layer to your home and provide an additional level of safety and protection. Choose from a wide selection of window grills from Window Experts.


We offer you a huge selection of colors that will allow your window to be competently combined with the interior and exterior of your room.

How much does it cost to replace windows

The price of window replacement can depend on several factors

  • It’s important to go with the best replacement window company to get the best price/quality.
  • We offer our customers not only attractive prices for replacement windows, but also guaranteed high quality and level of service.


Triple Glazing diagram

Double-Pane and Triple-Pane

All our windows meet the market standard of the gap between the glass panes. Choose double and triple-pane windows that provide excellent thermal insulation.
energy gain low e

Low-E Glass Coating

Keep warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The Low-Emissivity coating helps trap heat during winters. In the summer, the same coating helps reflect direct sunlight. 


Argon and Crypton Gas

Argon and Crypton gas don’t contain moisture and pollution like air. Argon and Crypton-insulated windows don’t have problems with condensation and are more durable.

Why should I consider window replacement?

There are several reasons why windows may need to be replaced:

Window Replacement Process

It is also very important to note that our installers replace one window at a time, without removing all the windows in your home at once.

1. Measurements

Our installers take detailed measurements from the inside as well as the outside of the house.

2. Manufacturing

After the windows are ready, we set a date for installing new windows and send our team.

3. Preparation

We check the condition of your old frames and if necessary, we replace them with new ones. 

4. Installation

We do complete external and internal finish including insulation, and external waterproof.

5. Finishing

Cleaning up the work site. Then we provide warranty certificates for windows and installation.

Our Projects


Yes, we have a special offer just right now. We will beat any price on window installation. Simply send or show us any written price from another company lower than that offered by us and we do the price match. So you can get your home renovated for an affordable and fair price. Also don’t forget about 40% OFF the installation on all windows and doors. Simply fill out the form or call us to get a free quote from Window Experts.

Yes, all of our windows have a quality certificate and we offer a transferable warranty on all windows and installation. Get a lifetime warranty on white vinyl frames and vinyl sashes, a 15-year warranty on painted frames and sashes, a 10-year warranty on insulating glass, and a 10-year warranty on window hardware. Our warranty provides peace of mind and confidence that your new windows will serve you for many years. If you have any problems with your windows, please contact our customer service. Our specialists will quickly solve your questions and provide the necessary repair or replacement of components covered by the warranty.

Energy Star rated windows from Window Experts are the ideal solution for those looking to reduce their home’s energy consumption and environmental impact. Our windows meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, which is confirmed by the Energy Star certification. By choosing Energy Star rated windows from Window Experts, you are investing in the comfort, economy and environmental friendliness of your home. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn more about how our windows can improve your home.

With Window Experts, window and door upgrades are even more affordable with our flexible financing options. We understand that installing new energy-efficient windows and doors is a significant investment, so we offer convenient payment options so you can enjoy comfort and savings today. Choose from a variety of financing options with different terms and interest rates, so you can choose the one that best suits your financial capabilities and needs. Our procedure for obtaining financing is as simple and transparent as possible. You can find out if you are prequalified for financing using this link.

The duration of window installation may vary depending on the number of windows, their size, complexity of work, and other factors. In most cases, on average, the installation of one window takes from several hours to a day. However, it may be faster or slower depending on the specific situation. If you are in a hurry, we have installation in a day option just for you. Contact us today to schedule your free in-home consultation with our Window Expert technician.

Of course! We understand that every customer’s needs are unique, and sometimes standard windows are not what you need to renovate your home. We specialize in the manufacture of windows according to individual orders. We can create windows of any size and shape, according to your needs and the design of your home. We offer only high-quality and energy-efficient windows to ensure it will be a reliable investment for your home. Contact us today to schedule your free in-home consultation with our expert.

Several factors should be taken into account when choosing windows: material, energy efficiency, sound insulation, safety and aesthetic requirements. Choose windows with high energy efficiency characteristics to reduce heating and air conditioning costs and reduce emissions into the atmosphere. Make sure that the windows you choose have appropriate guarantees from the manufacturer and quality certificates confirming their reliability and safety. Contact Window Experts, and our specialists will help you choose the perfect windows that will meet all your needs and expectations.

At Window Experts, we understand that the color palette of windows plays an important role in the appearance of your home. That’s why we offer a wide selection of colors for your comfort and style including wood imitations and other decorative coatings. You can choose from classic shades such as white, beige or gray, or choose bright and rich colors that add a special charm to your home. Our experts will help you choose the perfect color that will harmoniously fit into your external environment and emphasize its uniqueness. 

Measuring your windows is the first step to successfully installing the perfect windows for your home. You need to need to measure:
1. Window Width and Height: Measure from edge to edge of the window frame if you are planning to replace the windows, or from where they will be installed if this is a new installation.
2. Depth: Measure the depth of the window to determine how much it protrudes or intrudes into the room.
3. Opening size: measure the width, height, and depth of the opening in which the windows will be installed.
4. Position of the window: determine the location of the window in the room, its height from the floor and the size of the distance to the wall or other objects.
5. Special Requirements: Consider any special requirements or restrictions, such as overhangs, corner windows, or other unforeseen factors.
Correct measurements will help ensure the exact installation of perfectly fitting windows for your home.
At Window Experts, we carry out precise measurements for each client to ensure maximum accuracy and fit for your needs. Our professionals use advanced specialized equipment to measure window sizes, taking into account all the details and features of your home. We will ensure that your new windows are perfectly sized and provide maximum efficiency and comfort.