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Picture Window

Picture Window Installation

A picture window is a stationary window that does not open, but offers a panoramic view and the maximum amount of natural light. The picture window has no moving parts, which makes it very reliable and easy to maintain.

Certified Installers

Our experienced workers will professionally perform all stages of installation, guaranteeing high quality and durability. We have more than 7 years of experience and expertise to ensure a flawless window installation that not only enhances the aesthetics of your home, but also improves its energy efficiency. 

Thanks to our professional team, you can be sure that every window will be installed with high precision and attention to detail.

Picture windows installation in Toronto

Get Your Picture Windows Replaced By The Window Experts

Fill out the form below for a free consultation, and our experts will help you choose the perfect solution for your home, taking into account all your wishes and needs. Trust the professionals and transform your home with new picture windows!

Modern Picture Windows

Update the look of your home! Add elegance and natural light to your home with picture windows. Choose from a wide range of frame colors.

Awning Styles windows

Features and Options

Looking for the perfect window for your space? Choosing the right trim options for your window can greatly enhance its aesthetics and functionality.

For picture windows, we have a variety of casing and corner options that will allow you to create a look that perfectly suits your needs and the style of your space.

Trim Options

Choosing the right jamb size for your picture window is important to its functionality and aesthetics. The box (jamb) is a vertical element that frames the window, ensuring its reliable installation and insulation.

The jamb sizes for your picture window determine how well it will look pressed against the wall, creating an impressive frame for your window.

Choosing exterior brick molding for your picture window can greatly improve the appearance of your home and add a unique charm to it.

Exterior brick mold not only serves as a decorative element, but also performs an important function of protection from environmental influences, providing a reliable seal between the window and the wall.

It helps prevent water and moisture from entering between the window frame and the wall, protecting your home from damage.

Exterior Brickmold

You can choose from a variety of grid styles and designs to find one for your picture window that perfectly suits your taste and the style of your home.

Fill out the form below for a free consultation and to learn more about how you can make your picture windows the best accents in your home.

Our wide palette of colors allows you to choose the perfect shade that will emphasize the beauty of your room and give it character. From cozy and warm to bright and sophisticated, we have colors to suit your style and preferences.

Make your picture windows a perfect match for your home! Contact us today to get a free quote.

Picture Window Features

What is a picture window and why can it be the perfect choice for your home?

Energy Star Rated window


Made of the best materials, our picture windows withstand the effects of weather conditions, ensuring a long service life and reliability.

Aesthetics and design

Picture windows add a modern look to your home, making the interior brighter and more open. They can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes to match your home's style and architecture.

Energy efficiency

Due to the absence of moving parts and the use of energy-efficient glass, the picture window perfectly retains heat in the room, which allows you to save on energy costs.

Panoramic views

Picture window is ideal for those who want to enjoy beautiful scenery without obstacles. The window is surrounded by a thin but strong frame that minimally affects the view, allowing you to enjoy a panoramic view.

Picture Window Installation

Installing picture windows is a great way to add elegance to your home and fill it with natural light. Our experienced professionals at Window Experts guarantee a professional installation that will meet all your requirements.


This method allows you to replace the glass unit while leaving the existing frame intact. 

  • Interior preservation: Your interior trim remains intact. You keep your existing interior and exterior.
  • Faster installation: Minimal intervention in your home, allowing you to install the window quickly.
  • However, Retrofit is not suitable if your old frame is damaged or leaky.



Full Frame Replacement is a more thorough method that involves completely removing the old and installing a new window unit. 

  • Maximum energy efficiency: New frames and seals significantly improve thermal insulation.
  • Durability: A complete replacement ensures the long life of your new window.
  • Fresh look: Ability to change the style and size of the window to update the appearance of the house


More Window Styles


A “picture” window is a large fixed window that provides an unparalleled panoramic view and the maximum amount of natural light.
The window does not open, which ensures complete tightness and maximum energy efficiency. Ideal for homes with great outdoor views, allowing you to enjoy them from the comfort of your own home. Fill out the form on our website for a free consultation with our specialists. We will be happy to help you choose the perfect window that will meet all your needs and requirements.

  • Maximum natural light: Thanks to the large area of ​​glass, these windows let in more natural light, making rooms brighter and more spacious.
  • Energy efficiency: Our picture windows are made of high-quality materials that provide excellent thermal insulation. This helps to keep warm in winter and cool in summer, reducing energy costs.
  • Modern design: The stylish and minimalist look of picture windows adds modernity to any interior, increasing the attractiveness of your home.
  • Strength and durability: Made of the best materials, our picture windows withstand the effects of weather conditions, ensuring a long service life and reliability.

    Not sure if picture windows are right for you? Fill out the form for a free consultation with our experts. We will gladly help you choose the best solution for your home!

Picture windows improve the aesthetics of a home because they allow sunlight to flood the interior and create a cozy atmosphere. Minimalist design of the frame will suit design solution and add elegance to your rooms. Moreover, picture windows will make your space visually larger and more attractive.

For picture windows, there are various alternatives for insulation. It consists of insulated frames, Low-E coatings, weather stripping and seals and double or triple glass. All of these picture window solutions contribute to energy savings and consistent room temperature maintenance.

Yes, picture windows can be customized in size and design. This advantage of picture windows helps to easily fit into the interior of the house and meet your individual wishes. You will be provided with a wide range of materials, colors and glass to make your home energy efficient, functional and attractive.

To maintain the good condition of picture windows, you should regularly clean them of dust and accumulated debris, inspect the condition of the seals to ensure there is no damage and check for condensation between the glass panels. If you experience any damage, immediately report it to a specialist so that it can be repaired in time and avoid serious damage.

Yes, picture windows can be combined with other types of windows. If you want to implement an interesting design solution, picture windows can be combined with different types. It all depends on your desire and preference. Whether you want to add more light, improve air ventilation or add luxury, you can do it all by combining different types of windows. Your designer will be able to advise you on the best combinations so as not to disturb the architecture and will improve aesthetics.