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    Double Slider Window

    A double slider window is a two-chamber sliding window in which both sashes can move horizontally. This provides maximum flexibility in ventilation management and allows you to conveniently wash the glass from both sides.

    Thanks to modern seals and high quality materials, double slider windows provide high thermal insulation, helping to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. This allows you to reduce energy costs.

    Certified Installers

    Our company is proud of its team of highly qualified specialists who have many years of experience in installing double slider windows. We guarantee the quality of our work and an individual approach to each client.

    We carefully evaluate your needs and requirements to offer the best solution. Our experts will take accurate measurements, provide professional recommendations and help you choose the perfect windows for your home or office.

    Double Slider windows installation in Toronto

    Double Slider Windows Replacement By The Window Experts

    Are you ready to take a step towards improving your space with double slider windows?

    Fill out the form today and take the first step to a stylish and comfortable home with new double slider windows. Your comfort and satisfaction is our priority! Contact us now!

    Modern Double Slider Windows

    We offer a wide range of designs, materials and colors to ensure your new windows fit perfectly into your interior.

    Awning Styles windows

    Features and Options

    Choose from various trim options for double slider windows, which will help emphasize the style of your room and ensure its aesthetic appearance.

    Not sure which decoration option to choose? Fill out the form on our website for a free consultation with our experienced consultants. We will help you choose the perfect trim options for your double slider windows, make professional recommendations and answer all your questions.

    Jamb sizes determine the width of the frame and the distance to the wall and affect the appearance and efficiency of window installation.

    The correct choice of the size of the jambs ensures reliable installation of the window, aesthetic appeal and increased energy efficiency.

    Not sure which size jambs are right for you? Fill out the form on our website for a free consultation with our experienced specialists.

    Installation of brickmold increases the overall strength of the window structure, which provides an additional level of protection against mechanical damage.

    Our team of experienced specialists will carefully install brickmold, ensuring maximum protection and attractive appearance of your windows.

    Exterior Brickmold

    Grids are small decorative panels that divide the glass into small segments, adding style and sophistication to your interior.

    Update your home with grid and grills for double slider windows and create a comfortable and stylish environment that will impress you every day. Your satisfaction is our priority!

    We offer a wide selection of individual colors that will allow you to create a unique look for your windows. You can choose any color from our palette to make your home unique.

    Are you ready to choose the perfect color for your double slider windows? Fill out the form on our website for a free consultation with our experienced specialists. We will help you determine the best options, taking into account all your wishes and needs

    Double Slider Window Features

    A wide selection of colors and finishes allows you to choose windows that will harmoniously fit into any interior

    Energy Star Rated window

    Energy Efficiency

    Excellent tightness and seals provide good thermal insulation, which helps reduce heating and air conditioning costs.

    Ease of Care

    Both flaps can be removed for easy cleaning both inside and outside. This is especially useful for windows located on upper floors.

    Modern Design

    Double slider windows have an aesthetically attractive appearance and are available in various styles and colors, which allows you to choose the best option for your interior.

    Maximum Ventilation

    Thanks to the possibility of opening both sashes, you can ensure optimal air circulation, which is especially useful in the summer.

    Double Slider Window Installation

    Double slider windows provide ease of use, easy ventilation and a modern look. We offer two main installation methods: retrofit and full frame replacement.


    Retrofit is a method in which new windows are installed into existing frames. This is a quick and economical way to update your windows without major construction work.

    The method requires less materials and work, which makes it more affordable from a financial point of view.

    You can keep the existing look of your home or office, because the retrofit does not affect the appearance of the building.


    Full frame replacement is a method that involves the complete replacement of old windows along with frames.

    You have the opportunity to completely update the look of your windows, choosing modern materials and designs that meet your requirements and the style of the building.

    Not sure which installation method to choose? Fill out the form on our website for a free consultation!


    More Window Styles


    A double slider window is a type of window that has two movable panes that can be moved up or down to ventilate the room. This solution is ideal for those who appreciate convenience, efficiency and modern design.

    Choosing the right type of windows is important for your home or office. Fill out the form on our website for a free consultation with our experienced specialists. We will be happy to help you choose the perfect double slider windows, taking into account your needs and budget.

    • Convenient access to ventilation:
      Double slider windows allow you to easily adjust the flow of fresh air in the room by opening the glass on both sides.
    • Ease of use:
      The windows are easy to open and close.
    • Aesthetic appearance:
      Due to their modern double slider design, the windows add elegance and style to any interior. They look stylish both outside and inside.
    • Energy efficiency:
      When properly installed and sealed, double slider windows provide a high level of thermal insulation, helping to reduce heating costs in cold weather and air conditioning in hot weather.

    Don’t waste time! Contact us today and get stylish, efficient and functional double slider windows for your comfort and pleasure!

    Windows with a double slider and windows with a single slider differ in design and functionality. In windows with a single slider one sash will be stationary, and the second will move horizontally. This gives the design simplicity, but in turn reduces ventilation. In the case of windows with double sliders, both sashes are movable, which allows the window to open in both directions. This improves ventilation and cleans the air in the room faster. But you need understand that this type of window is more expensive and difficult in installation.

    Double slider window frames can be made from the following types of material – vinyl, aluminum or wood. Glazing units can be selected as single, double or triple glazing, with a choice of low-e or tempered glass. Argon fillers and special coatings are used to increase energy efficiency of windows. The color, finish, handles, locks, mosquito nets, size and shape of the window are chosen by the customer to his taste. You can choose windows to suit your individual preferences.

    Average installation time for double slider windows takes from 2 to 4 hours. From this you need to understand that time decreases when installing two or more windows. Experience of the installers also affects installation time of double sliding windows. Preparatory work such as dismantling and preparing the site for installing windows also affects the timing of the work.

    Maintenance is required to ensure optimal, correct and long-lasting performance of double slider windows. It includes regular cleaning of dust and dirt, lubrication of moving parts and mechanisms, inspection of seals for air and water leaks, and adjustment of double sliding window fittings. You will extend lifespan and functionality of your windows by following these recommendations.