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    End Vent Slider Style Windows

    End vent slider windows are the perfect solution for your home if you are looking for a stylish and functional option. These windows have a fixed central part and movable side panels, which allows for easy ventilation of the room, while providing a great view and maximum energy efficiency.

    Thanks to high-quality materials and modern accessories, end vent slider windows combine durability and comfort.

    Want to learn more about how end vent sliders can improve your home? Fill out the form for a free consultation with our experts. We will help you choose the best solution for your home!

    Reliable Installers

    Are you planning to install end vent slider windows? Entrust this task to reliable professionals! Our experienced professionals will ensure quality installation, guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency and durability of your new windows.

    We pride ourselves on our team of experts who work with attention to detail and take your every wish into account. Fill out the form for a free consultation, and our specialists will help you choose the perfect solution for your home. Make sure of the professionalism and quality of our services today!

    Een Vent Slider windows installation in Toronto

    End Vent Slider Windows Replacement By The Window Experts

    Interested in updating your windows? Fill out the form for a free consultation with our experts. We’ll help you choose the perfect end vent slider windows for your home that fit your needs and style.

    Take a first step towards your ideal home!

    Modern Awning Windows Toronto

    End Vent Slider windows add a modern look to your home, available in a variety of colors and finishes to match any interior and exterior design.

    Awning Styles windows

    Features and Options

    Thanks to the variety of trim options, you will be able to create your own unique style that will meet your needs and preferences.

    Find out more about the available framing options from us by filling out the form for a free consultation with our specialists.

    Trim Options

    Jamb size, or the size of the rack, determines the thickness of the frame, which is installed in the wall during the installation of the window. The correctly selected jamb size allows you to ensure strength, reliability and effective insulation of your window.

    Regardless of the size of your window, we have the best option for your need.

    Contact us today for a free consultation and assistance in selecting the correct jamb size for your End Vent Slider window. Our experts will be happy to help you make the best choice for your home.

    Do you need a reliable and aesthetic solution for the exterior decoration of your windows? Consider using exterior brick mold for your end vent slider window.

    Exterior brick mold is a specially designed to add the finishing touch to your windows and helps ensure they are securely attached to your home.

    Exterior Brickmold

    Want to add elegance and style to your home? Consider installing grilles for your end vent slider window.

    Grid and grills add a special charm and sophistication to your interior, making windows more attractive and aesthetically balanced. 

    Fill out the form on our website to get a consultation on installing grid and grilles for your sliding window. Our specialists will be happy to help you create the ideal image of your home.

    Do you want your windows to become a real decoration of your home? Finding the perfect color for your End Vent Slider window has never been easier!

    With a wide variety of colors available to choose from, you’ll be able to find one that perfectly complements the style of your home and meets your personal preferences.

    End Vent Slider Window Features

    End Vent Slider windows offer many benefits, making them the perfect choice for your home

    Energy Star Rated window


    Thanks to the design with two movable sections at the ends, these windows provide excellent air circulation, maintaining a comfortable microclimate in your home.


    The modern and elegant look is ideal for any interior and exterior. Large glass panels let in more natural light, making your home brighter and cozier.


    High-quality materials and accessories guarantee a long service life and resistance to wear.

    Ease of use

    One of the main advantages of this type of window is the ability to open both outer panes for maximum ventilation and convenient access for cleaning.

    End Vent Slider Window Installation

    Choosing the right installation method for End Vent Slider windows is important to your comfort and energy efficiency.


    Retrofit involves replacing only the glass unit, leaving your existing frame intact. 

    Retrofit installation is a quick, less time-consuming and budget option. It minimizes intrusion into your home and reduces installation time.

    However, this method may not solve problems with old or damaged frames, which can affect the overall performance of the windows. It’s perfect if your current frame is still in good shape.


    Full Frame Replacement is a deep renovation, in which the entire window unit is replaced with a new one.

    This method allows you to make the most of all the advantages of new technologies and ensure high energy efficiency and durability.

    Not sure which method is right for you? Fill out the form below for a free consultation with our experts. We will help you choose the best option that fits your needs and budget.


    More Window Styles


    The End Vent Slider window includes two sashes, one of which moves to the left or right, and the second sash remains stationary. This allows you to conveniently regulate the air flow in the room and easily clean the outer surface of the window.

    The advantages of such a window include high energy efficiency due to the minimization of heat losses, as well as high resistance to weather conditions. To learn more and find the perfect solution for your home, fill out the form on our website for a free consultation with our experts.

    End vent slider windows are a popular choice for their functionality, usage and design. By installing such windows you will ensure good ventilation in the space, you will be pleased with the ease of use and will give yourself a good view of the surroundings. These windows do not require special care and are energy efficient. Moreover, they are available in a variety of sizes and styles, so homeowners will definitely find one that suits their needs.

    Yes, end vent slider windows are energy efficient. They often have double or triple glass, which provides better insulation. Low-E coatings improve energy efficiency and therefore block solar rays during the hot seasons. Moreover, thanks to the sealed frames, they are not susceptible to air leaks. Homeowners who would like to save their utility costs will choose these windows.

    Several steps must be performed on a regular basis to maintain longevity and performance of end-vented sliding windows. First is to clear away accumulated dirt and debris. Second check the presence of lubricant. And last remember to inspect the seal regularly. These are simple steps that will help you maintain the integrity and efficiency of your windows.

    Yes, end vent slider windows can be used in various room types. Due to their adaptability this kind of window is appropriate for any space, including a kitchen, bathroom, or bedrooms. This is a great alternative that will look great in any environment and be an appropriate option. With confidence, we can state that sliding windows with end ventilation are a sophisticated choice that works well in a variety of spaces in your house.

    One of the main advantages of end vent slider windows is ease of use. You have the option of opening two outer glasses for cleaning and good for air ventilation. They are made from quality materials and have a long service life. These windows are suitable for any interior and exterior. They make your home brighter and a cozier place to live.