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Find Out What Happens During Window Replacement

Replacing windows is no easy task. It is a multi-step process, each of which has to be performed with the utmost care and precision. Complete window replacement requires caution and careful handling. In this article, a detailed explanation of the steps to follow during window replacement will be provided.

Need for window replacement

The window may need to be replaced for any of the following reasons:

  • Air is seeping in from the edges suggesting a leak
  • Older windows are no longer energy efficient
  • A new window is needed to enhance curb appeal
  • A double or triple pane window is needed to improve sound insulation
  • The window has sprung a leak

What happens during window replacement

The following steps need to be followed meticulously and carefully during window replacement.

Remove the old window

To remove the windows, the first step is to remove the trim from around the windows. Once this is done the window panes can easily be lifted out. Remove the window frame after the screws holding the frame in place have been taken out.

 Preparing the opening

Now it’s time to prepare the opening so the new window can be installed perfectly.

9 inches of vinyl cladding all around the window needs to be removed. A visual check is needed to ensure all parts are in good condition and there is no major damage. Clean up the frame and ensure all debris is removed.

The sill must be sloping to the exterior throughout the entire width of the window, otherwise the sill needs to be replaced. After the inspection is completed, an adhesive waterproof membrane needs to be placed firmly.

Positioning the window

A bead of silicone needs to be placed all around the window sill and around the outside of the window. Working from the outside, the window needs to be placed into the opening to ensure that the nailing fin is perfectly supported and is a snug fit. The window needs to be firmly kept in place by the use of shims which will be placed from the inside.

The casing needs to be measured both length wise and diagonally to ensure the window is level.

The nailing fin needs to be secured working from the outside again. The work needs to be done precisely so breaks can be taken when needed. Once the outside is all clear, shins need to be added from the inside and properly secured.

Insulating the window

It is now time to insulate the window. Fiberglass insulation needs to be packed all around the window. Installation of a neoprene backer rod around the window is the second step.

Waterproofing the window

The last step is waterproofing the window. Each side of the window needs to be covered with a self-adhesive membrane and the membrane fully secured.

The reinstallation of the exterior cladding and replacing the inner window trim are the very last steps.

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