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Should You Get Energy Efficient Windows?

Energy efficient windows help homeowners make their living space more comfortable in summer and in winter. The increased insulation helps cut energy bills by half! In this article we’ll explain how windows save you money and the other benefits of installing energy efficient windows.

Do new windows really save energy?

Yes, new energy efficient windows actually reduce energy bills. Their better insulation properties reduce the effort HVAC systems have to put into keeping the home at a comfortable temperature. This is true not only during wintertime but during summer too.

According to Natural Resources Canada, installing ENERGY STAR windows can save 45% on energy bills on average. Just replacing single pane windows with double-pane windows can save up to a third in heating and cooling bills, according to ENERGY STAR.

Benefits of energy efficient windows

  • Keep the home more comfortable in summer and winter
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Reduce noise intrusion
  • Eligible for home renovation grants and rebates
  • Increase the home’s sale value

Want to save money on energy efficient windows? Consider getting windows for the northern and eastern faces of the house to maximize heat gain.

What are some special features of energy efficient windows?

There are a few common features that you will find in all types of energy efficient windows. These are:

  • Two or three panes of glass (double- and triple-pane windows)
  • Insulating window frames
  • Argon or krypton filled air chambers
  • Low-E glass coatings
  • Quality window spacers

Should you get energy efficient windows?

If you are thinking of getting energy efficient windows, you need consider several things: are your windows old; do your windows get cold on the inside; are you looking to raise the value of your house? Windows that are obviously damaged or drafty should be replaced. If your windows are over five years old, then you will notice a significant improvement in comfort and reduction in energy bills with energy efficient windows. If you are considering selling your house, up to about 85% of the cost of new windows will be added to value of the house.

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What is energy efficient glass?

Low-E glass or ‘energy efficient glass’ is glass that has been treated with one or more layers of low emissivity coating. Better known as ‘Low-E’, it makes glass more energy efficient by:

  • Improving its thermal insulation properties
  • Reflecting sunlight to reduce the amount of infrared radiation (heat) that enters the home

What kind of windows are most energy efficient?

Triple-pane (or triple-glazed) windows are the most efficient type of windows. These will have Low-E coatings applied on all side of the glass. The window frame will be made of vinyl, fibreglass or composites, and have high quality spacers.

Energy efficient windows also use krypton in their air chambers. Krypton is denser than argon and offers better heat insulation.

How to identify an energy efficient window?

The easiest way to identify an energy efficient window is to look for the blue and white ENERGY STAR logo. It means the window has been independently tested by a lab and is classified as an energy efficient window.

An energy efficient window will also bear an energy performance label. This will list out its performance in various insulation tests.

Finally, and this is by no means an exact science, an energy efficient window will have a slight tint. Since Low-E glass reflects light, it appears tinted.

Remember, not every energy efficient window is the same. Look for a window that is rated for your climate zone.


The best energy efficient windows can be rendered if they are not installed properly. It’s why homeowners trust The Window Experts. Call us now to enquire about our selection of energy efficient windows.


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