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Top 3 Reasons Why Triple Pane Glass Makes For Amazing Replacement Window Markham

If you are looking for replacement windows in Markham weather means you should be considering triple pane windows. Sure they are heavier and a little more expensive than double-glazed windows (at first), but the benefits of having triple-glazing are simply enormous.

The best analogy for comparing triple pane windows to dual pane windows is to compare them to light bulbs. If a double pane is an old-fashioned incandescent bulb (burning electricity and your wallet), triple pane windows are like LED lights. They are far more efficient.

What is a triple pane window?

A triple pane window consists of three panes of glass. The space between them is filled with argon gas. The concept of glazed windows is common in regions that experience temperature extremes, such as Canada.

In this article, we’ll answer some simple questions that people have about triple pane windows. But, before that, let’s list their three biggest advantages.

1. Much better insulators

In very simple terms, if double-glazing is good for temperature insulation, triple-glazing is great. Consider window replacement Markham, where winters are so severe, and you can start to imagine what a difference these will make. With two air gaps between three panes of glass, you are getting nearly double the insulating effect of double-glazed windows (which have just one air gap).

“The house just stays so much warmer for so much longer… it’s amazing”

Take an example of a cold winter’s day when your heating has been on for a few hours. If the inner pane of a double-pane window is at 15°C, a triple pane can easily be 18°C. Not only that, but it will also stay at that higher temperature so much longer. Conversely, if it’s hot outside, triple pane windows will keep your home cooler for longer.

2. Much greater energy efficiency

Triple pane windows are great replacement windows, Markham, because they save you tremendously in heating costs. With windows that are less prone to heat loss, your furnace (or electric heater) doesn’t have to work as hard. Your house will retain whatever heat you generate much better. You’ll actually notice that the furnace turns on a lot less often – and your bills are lower too.

Again, during the summer, triple pane windows will keep cool air in and the heat out. This means your air conditioner won’t have to run so much and your electricity bills will reduce noticeably.

3. Much better sound insulators

A common question with window replacement Markham is, “Will my house be quieter?”. Not that Markham is a particularly noisy place, but tyre roar and noisy neighbours can be irksome everywhere. So, for those with acousticophobia, triple pane windows offer a lot less noise filtering through.

With three panes of glass, there is a marked reduction in sound and vibration transmission into your home. It’s a tremendous relief if your home overlooks a busy commercial area or a school.

Are triple pane windows expensive?

That depends a lot on the window design. If you were buying frames that were designed to also accommodate triple pane windows, the difference in price between double and triple pane windows won’t be much. However, if you are purchasing a basic double glazing frame, then the step-up will be more expensive. Once you factor in how much you’ll be saving in heating costs, triple pane windows really pay for themselves.

What are the benefits of glazing?

Double-glazing (two panes) or triple-glazing (three panes) offer similar benefits. Obviously, triple-glazing offers these to a greater degree.

  • Temperature insulation
  • Noise reduction
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Higher quality installation

Is more glazing better?

In simple terms, yes, triple pane windows will be better. If you are looking for window replacement Markham, their benefits are indisputable. However, in areas with milder climates, double-glazing may suffice.


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