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Common Misconceptions on Sliding Doors, Debunked!

Patio doors that slide open are a fantastic feature of any home. They look wonderful, provide excellent views of the outdoors, and allow plenty of natural light to enter the home, reducing energy and lighting costs.

There is a lot of talk about ways to save money, particularly on electricity and other household expenses. As a homeowner, you’ve probably heard a lot of conflicting information regarding the sliding patio doors. We are here to dispel the myths surrounding this popular home improvement door style so as to help you make an informed decision. 

Common Misconceptions on Sliding Doors, Debunked!

Myth 1: Sliding patio doors are difficult to operate.

If the sliding doors are old and heavy, and the tracks are dusty and in need of maintenance, these doors might be difficult to open and close. Modern sliding patio doors aren’t like that. This is ensured through the use of precise sliders and other high-performance hardware are used in modern sliding patio doors.

Myth 2: Sliding Doors Are Unattractive

The fact that older-style sliding doors feature heavy frames that block homeowners’ views of the outdoors contributes to this fallacy. Today’s sliding patio doors are different: they have smaller frames, providing for a more unimpeded view of the outside.

Newer sliding doors are made of a variety of materials and are available in an even wider range of finishes. Contact The Window Experts to know more about our latest collection of sliding patio doors. 

Myth 3: When it rains, sliding doors leak.

When it rains, any window, door, or sliding door can leak, especially if the wind is strong and drives water towards these openings. These gaps can be sealed to prevent water from leaking through. During the installation of your new patio doors, we will assist you in ensuring that they are correctly sealed.

Myth 4: Airtight Sliding Doors

Sliding patio doors aren’t completely airtight. They allow air from the inside to flow out and vice versa. Sliding patio doors aren’t the only doors that lose air; in fact, none of them is completely airtight. This problem can be mitigated with proper sealing.

Newer Age Sliding Door Design Ideas for Your Home

Doors are essential in any structure, whether it is a house or a building. They aren’t only there to look pretty. Both people and equipment pass through doors. As a result, it’s critical that the door’s type and size match the structure to which it’ll be installed.

Patio Doors

The most common image of a sliding door is that of a patio door. It contains two panels, one of which is fixed and the other of which slides to one side. Sliding patio doors are almost always rectangular and constructed of glass. They’re frequently used to divide interior and outdoor spaces. They can also be utilized to divide the living room from the dining area when used inside.

Entry Doors

Make a statement with your home’s entrance. We provide a large range of entry doors in a variety of materials, including wood, steel, fiberglass, glass, and more. Almost any ornamental element, like grills and decorative glass, can be incorporated into your custom door by our design team.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass doors are incredibly durable, requiring little maintenance even during Ontario’s toughest winters. Because the material provides for a wide range of shapes and textures, many homeowners opt to style their doors after natural materials like wood. Our fiberglass doors have a polyurethane foam core that provides excellent insulation.

Steel Entry Doors

Steel entryway doors are among the most popular in Ontario because they give the ideal blend of safety and security, heaviness, good sealing against harsh winter weather, and the ease with which they can be kept looking new. Our steel entry doors are made of galvanized steel with a thick gauge.

The Window Experts – The Expert Providers of Sliding Doors

Only use professionals to install a sliding door who can guarantee its safety and longevity. The Window Experts, with their years of experience, offer a one-stop shop for all of your window frame and door needs. We only deliver the best because the spaces dear to your heart deserve it. We offer a high-quality and customizable assortment of windows and doors. Our products are suitable for both business and residential environments, combining comfort with a distinct appeal.

Contact The Window Experts at 905-875-2596 for a consultation and allow us to upgrade your home!.


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