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Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows were first installed in Canadian homes in 1966, more than 50 years ago. Their popularity kept growing and within a few decades, they had dethroned wood and aluminum windows as the window of choice. Today, vinyl windows are available for all budgets, are durable, customizable, low maintenance, and energy-efficient. Truly, vinyl replacement windows are every window for everyone.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of vinyl windows and why you should be considering them for your home improvement project.

Advantages of vinyl windows


Price… that’s the first thing a lot of homeowners look at, whether they are buying windows for a new house or a window replacement project. Vinyl windows are available for every budget and every need – from basic window sets to custom, premium windows. With the large list of options available, it is entirely up to you how inexpensive or pricey you want your windows to be.


Single and dual-color frames, numerous window styles, insulated core, Low-E glass – these are but a small part of a long list of customizations available for vinyl windows. At The Window Experts, we really live up to our name with a huge selection of options to choose from. You can customize the interior and exterior colors, shapes, trim, and much more. Why not visit us and discover the tremendous customizability of vinyl windows for yourself.


Vinyl windows have been tested for their strength, draft sealing, thermal performance, color fade, and general tolerance of wear and tear. Over the decades, they have proven themselves to be more than up to the challenge of Canada’s harsh weather. Today, a homeowner can expect many years of hassle-free performance with little-to-no maintenance. Take care of them and they can even last decades.

Energy efficiency

Thermal performance has become a top priority for many buyers. Other than reducing heating bills, energy-efficient windows keep the home more comfortable as well. Multi-chambered frames and triple-glazing make vinyl windows some of the ‘hottest’ windows around.

Environmentally sustainable

Vinyl windows satisfy the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – of environmentally responsible living. Long-lasting vinyl windows reduce waste; vinyl windows are also recyclable, dramatically reducing your carbon footprint.

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For a full selection of vinyl window styles, visit our showroom. Our representative will help you design your windows and visualize how they look with all the customizations. What’s more, we offer easy one-click financing.


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