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Single hung vs double hung windows: Difference explained

Planning on replacing the windows at your house? It’s a great opportunity to change out old windows with ones that offer a better view out, are energy efficient or have a completely different style.
Hung windows are an excellent option for replacement windows in Vaughan. Available in single and double configurations, they offer the best of form and function. Keep reading to find out what makes them such excellent Vaughan window replacement options and what the differences between single and double hung windows are.

What are single hung and double hung windows?

One of the most commonly found windows in Canadian homes, single hung windows are a jack of all trades kind of window. They are used in new construction project at homes and condos across the country. A single hung window is made of two window panels mounted vertically. The top panel is static while the bottom panel can be moved to open or close the window. The simplicity of single hung windows makes them very affordable. Double hung windows have the same arrangement but both the upper and lower panels (sash) can be moved independently. This gives a little more flexibility in how window can be used.

Differences between single hung and double hung windows

Cost – Single hung windows are the more affordable option, being 10-15% cheaper than double hung windows. Airflow – For maximum airflow choose double hung windows. Two movable sashes give a lot of options for airflow and make them more usable during rain or snow. Single hung windows do not offer as large an opening and therefore less airflow. Utility – Double hung windows offer greater utility because both sashes can be opened, moved and swivelled. This makes them much easier to clean. With single hung windows the opening is smaller because only the lower sash can be opened. Style – Style is a personal preference and both windows offer a slightly different aesthetic. It’s when they are opened do the windows look different. Cleaning – With both panels easy to slide and swivel, double hung windows are indisputably easier to clean. You will be leaning out to clean single hung windows. Visibility – Because both windows have such similar installation it is not surprise that they both maximize the view outside.  The Windows Experts are a reputed Vaughan window and door company. We have a large selection of windows, including single and double hung windows, window trim and accessories. Talk to a representative about replacement windows in Vaughan and find out about our summer offers.

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