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We collect some of our most statement doors from Instagram

At The Window Experts, we are fortunate to have worked on so many amazing window and door projects. It’s our clients who have these incredible ideas in mind – we are just proud to bring them to life. ????

We’ve worked on hundreds of new home and replacement projects, bringing the best windows and doors to people across Toronto and the GTA. We even got a chance to work with a landmark Downtown Toronto building, an exciting project indeed!

Browse through some of our best doors (and windows) from Instagram.

And our first door is a massive one! That’s what you get when you take a large door and put a large door frame around it. But the door trim really gives it nice proportions. The sidelights and the large transom window above let in lots of natural light. It’s such a statement feature of the house.

twe instagram statement doors 3

Such a great Novatech door. They make some of the best energy-efficient doors. The great thing is their design, which gives a really premium look and belies the door’s incredible thermal performance. Note the relatively little glass area (and what is there is coated for energy efficiency and privacy).

A statement red door custom-made for the client, of course. A brass-colored fitting at the bottom prevents overwhelming red. It also serves the functional purpose of protecting the door from splashes. Water damage from snow and rain can be a problem if the entrance isn’t sufficiently raised above ground level. 

A great example of how to incorporate glass. An all-glass front with a classy Bahia blue. Really compliments the brickwork and matches the colors of the lawn out front. All the glass elements are energy-efficient Low-E coated to minimize heat loss.

Another vast steel door. The sidelight is there to add a break to the design. Love the earthy ore-colored design. Note the heavy-duty locks. Why go through the effort and expense of installing a strong steel door and then install flimsy locks?

An all-black frame theme for the house (windows and doors). We worked on the full project stud-to-stud. This sliding patio door really adds to the look of the deck. Look at the doors close and you can even see the built-in blinds.

We love the elegance of a double-door design. And the transom window makes another appearance, lending a grand look to the entrance. Have a single door but want a double? It’s an easier renovation than you think. The space for the entry door is widened, and a new frame is fitted. The doors themselves can be customized to the exact dimensions you choose to get.

Village style door with a difference – it’s aluminum! People think a colored door has to be bright and in-your-face, but this is such a great deep shade of green. 

What a door! Round up our statement doors with this. Big, red, double door, glass panels, transom window, grill inserts. It’s got everything. Beautiful. Even after all this time, we are amazed at the sheer size of the door.

Looking for a respected door and window installer for a replacement/new project in Toronto and the GTA? Talk to us today. The Window Experts is the winner of Best of HomeStars 2020.


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