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Types of Patio Doors

The patio door is one of the most used doors in the house. Whether it is spring, summer or autumn, people love lounging out on their patio and backyard. During wintertime, the patio door becomes the view out to the first snowfall of the season and idyllic winter scenes.

If you are wondering which type of patio door is best for you, keep reading. We discuss the different configurations of doors and demystify ‘French doors’, ‘swinging doors’ and more.

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Types of patio doors

Sliding patio doors

Sliding doors are some of the most popular door styles. They are extremely space-efficient, versatile, easy to use and affordable. A particular advantage of sliding doors is that the large glass area offers a great view out. A large opening also makes the entryway perfect for hauling barbeque grills and sun loungers out of the house.

French patio doors (Swinging patio doors)

The French patio door, also known as the swinging patio door, is like a regular entryway door. The door is hinged on one side and swings open. French doors come in single- and double hinged flavors. Which configuration is best for you depends on the space available and your style preferences. French doors typically have full glass panels to maximize natural light.

  • Single hinged patio doors

The single hinged patio door, a type of swinging door, is very much like a conventional door. There is a single door panel hinged to the side of the frame. It looks and feels a lot like the front door, with the big difference that it incorporates larger glass panels. A single hinged door is perfect for a small space and a simple setup.

  • Double hinged patio doors

Double hinged doors are more traditional French patio doors. They comprise two door panels, hinged on either side of the frame. The style provides a classic look to the house and is a great styling element whether you have a traditional or contemporary aesthetic. Naturally, with two door panels, there must be sufficient wall space to install the door.

Swinging doors can be installed to open to the left or right, inwards or outwards.

Folding patio doors

Folding doors are ideal for wide openings and homeowners who want to change their sliding door setup to something different. Doors comprise two to eight individual panels each of which has a full glass panel. Doors are mounted on a track and open like an accordion. Folding patio doors usually open to one side, but overlarge openings can even incorporate folding doors either side of the frame.

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