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Should You Wait Till Spring to Replace Your Windows and Doors

“When is the best time to replace windows?” That’s a question that a lot of people ask once they have decided to get window replacement. Here’s a little hint: the winter season may sound counterintuitive, but installers are relatively free and you can get huge discounts on labour.

Should you wait till spring to retrofit your windows in comfort? We are breaking down the pros and cons of every season in the article.

Is spring the best time to replace doors and windows?


  • The weather is mild and you won’t have to feel hot/cold drafts blowing into your home
  • Ideal weather for caulking to set and few obstacles to window replacement
  • Keep your energy bills moderate because you won’t need to turn up the AC or heating


  • It’s primetime for window installation and you are not likely to get a convenient time slot
  • Glass lead times might be longer because of a demand backlog
  • Your home may be invaded by insects


Should I replace my windows during summer?


  • Still quite pleasant weather and a little extra AC can keep the home comfortable
  • Early summer means less humidity and relatively low chance of rain


  • Bad time for people who really dislike the heat
  • Very hot temperatures can increase curing times and slow installation
  • Still busy season for installers so you may need to reschedule your holiday

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Can I replace my windows and doors in the autumn?


  • Waiting times for window and door installation start to reduce
  • Mild weather means you don’t need to crank up your heating just yet
  • You will get your pick of best times to call installers


  • Autumn brings with it seasonal rainfall which can be an inconvenience
  • Late autumn brings colder temperatures which can slow down caulking


Is it okay to replace windows in the winter?


  • Lead times and waits for installers are at their shortest
  • You will have nearly free reign on scheduling your installation
  • Huge discounts on labour charges during winter months


  • Snowfall and extreme cold will slow down installation and requires preparing for
  • Depending on which door/window is being replaced, you may need to turn up the heating
  • Applying sealant is slow on very cold days


Is it cheaper to get windows/doors replaced in winter?

Oh almost definitely! Whereas the replacement windows and doors may not cost any less, there are usually large discounts available on installation. If you are willing to brave the cold, there are significant savings to be had.

At The Window Experts we install windows and doors all year round. Our team is prepared for rain, snow and heat. We keep premises watertight as much of the time as possible, so you don’t have to worry about a sudden downpour. We also try and accommodate scheduling requests from all our customers. Give us a call and find a good time to have your windows replaced.



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