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Key Features of Our Entry Doors

Everyone wants to put on a good first impression. For your homes, the entry or the front door sets the standard. They add elegance and beauty to your home’s architecture while enhancing security and accessibility. Ideally, entry doors should be durable, stylish, comfortable as well as secure. By combining different materials such as steel, wood and fiberglass, we can add several features to the front door.

Types of Entry Doors

Steel – Steel doors might put off many people due to their bulky nature. For Canadian winters, steel entry doors appear to be the best choice. Steel is better at keeping warm or cold air indoors and can withstand long-term weather damage without requiring repairs.

Fiberglass – Fiberglass entry doors are able to withstand a lot of pressure, and are extremely durable in nature. Unlike steel, fiberglass is resistant to scratches and dents. It does not decay or damage as easily as wood either.

Wood – Although wood is not as energy efficient or durable as steel and fiberglass, it continues to be the most popular choice among homeowners. The elegance and style that wood provides simply cannot be matched by any other material.

Features of Entry Doors


The frame of the entry door are the structure on to which the door is hinged. The frame covers the area between the door and wall. Door frames can be shaped and designed according to individual tastes and preferences. Customizing the jambs, transoms, panels, all reflect the homeowners’ persona. Wooden frames are of the most popular installations as they add elegance and designs and hardware can be easily added and modified.


Trims are also called doorway casings. This is because they cover up construction gaps formed between the door frame and the drywall. The two long trim pieces on the side and one on top of the frame can be designed and decorated to enhance the architectural beauty of any home.


Security is the primary purpose of an entry door. A reliable locking system is essential to ensure protection and peace of mind. However, door hardware is not only limited to fulfilling necessities. It’s the designer hardware with finishing pieces that compliments an individual’s taste to enhance their home aesthetics.

Glass Inserts

Glass inserts can transform the look and feel of your entry door. Decorative glass designs such as stained, baroque, or plain textured add personality to the entry curb and increase its appeal. Glass is known to reduce security and can reduce thermal efficiency. A double or triple paneled glass panel can help reduce heat loss, though adding large glass frames will affect energy efficiency. It is best to install shatter-proof glass if security and safety are primary concerns for you.

Paint & Finishing

Wooden doors are most popular and probably the most visually appealing. Adding wood-clad finishing to fiberglass or steel doors can mimic the appearance of real wood, increasing their visual appeal. Paint and polish not just adds visual appeal, but it also helps protect the material as well. Since the front door is mostly exposed to the elements, it is prone to weather related damages. Varnishing and application of polyurethane coatings repel moisture and increase durability.

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