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How much work goes into replacing the front door? Common questions answered

The front door is one of the most crucial elements that maintains the security and comfort of your home. It keeps insects and draft out, and protects you from burglars. If you are planning to replace your front door you want to maximize all these benefits. 

So, how do you change the entry door without affecting your home’s security, comfort, and energy efficiency? We have collected the most common questions regarding front door replacement from homeowners and asked our experts to answer them.

Find out the best solutions to replacing an exterior door below!

What type of front door should I choose as a replacement?

You can opt for a slab door, which consists only of the door itself, or a pre-hung door, which also includes the door frame. Keep in mind that if you want to replace just the door, you will need the new one to fit the frame perfectly, with the same hinge and lock bore positions as the old one. Else it might not align and seal properly.

You may try to contact the manufacturer of your old door and ask if they still have that model in the store. If the answer is no, your best choice is to install a new, pre-hung door that will provide better insulation and security.

What to measure when replacing the front door?

If you find a slab door that fits perfectly with the original frame, then you have very few measurements to take. Still, the structure of the old door might have changed a bit over time, especially if it is a wooden front door. Wood tends to shrink over the years, so an old frame will be slightly out of alignment with the new door.

You must ensure that you take pinpoint measurements, such as the door’s height, width and depth. Also take note of the exact hinge type and locations, as well as their size. Measure the lock and deadbolt locations from the top of the door, and the back of the lock and hinge locations.

When installing a new door and frame measurements are more difficult to take. You will need to determine the unit´s size and opening, and ensure that they fit perfectly with the surrounding construction. In this case employing front door installation professionals is a good idea, especially if you lack the experience and skills to do it yourself.

What kind of material to choose for a new front door?

For most homeowners out there choosing the material for a new front door depends on their budget. In this regard, you can choose from:

Steel doors

hey are durable, relatively lower cost, and require little maintenance. Also, they come in a variety of colors and designs. Unlike wood doors, they do not shrink or warp and ensure optimal energy efficiency for your home. 

Fiberglass doors

These are low maintenance doors as well. They resist dents, rot, and rust, and provide excellent energy efficiency at a mid-level price.

Wood doors

They are classic, beautiful, and imposing. However, they require frequent upkeep and are more expensive than other materials. Also, they shrink and warp over time, so you’ll be replacing yours sooner than other types of doors.

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