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Check out our latest window replacement project in Port McNicoll

Just last month we completed a window replacement at a house in Port Nicoll – with stunning results! Check out more pictures from the project on our Instagram. Ourselves we just can’t stop ogling the luxurious effect the black frames create with the dark wood.

Look closer and you’ll see that the windows themselves are fairly standard. What the homeowner has done is team them very smartly with the existing facade. 

So can you get something like this for your home? Absolutely! If anything this window replacement project shows you don’t need to spend the mega bucks on your window design. Simple, elegant design can work just as well as an ornate window project. 

Getting smart replacement windows for your home

Window replacement is one of the most exciting projects for homeowners everywhere. Installing new windows can improve not only the appearance of your home but also its comfort and market value.

Just like them, you want your home to become more secure and increase energy efficiency at a low cost. Energy efficient windows, Low-E glass, fresh caulking, tight seals are great during winters. (And what with all the snow on the ground the house in Port McNicoll needed it all!)

Now, check out our guide on what to consider if you are buying new replacement windows!

Window Frame Material

Most window and construction experts agree that the quality and material of the window frame is decisive for the window’s performance. High-quality frames help keep the space warm in winter and cool on hot summer days. 

Here are the most common window frame materials you can choose from.


Most windows, especially in homes with traditional architecture, have wooden frames. Wood provides a natural barrier against wind, insects, and unwelcome visitors. It comes in a variety of colors and styles.

If you choose wood frames, keep in mind that they require periodic varnishing and maintenance. Also, wood tends to shrink over time, so you will have to consider window replacement sooner than with other frames.


This modern framing material is strong and visually appealing. It mimics other materials and depending on its quality and design, it might look like wood from distance.

Fiberglass window frames are weather-resistant, provide great insulation and come in a variety of colors, too. They also have a long life, so they will not require frequent upkeep or replacement.


If you are looking for an elegant, shiny appearance for your home, vinyl window frames are for you. This sturdy material has excellent insulating qualities, and it doesn´t require regular upkeep.

Vinyl window frames may come at a more expensive price than most other materials, but they last longer and ensure optimal security, as well.


Aluminum window framing is a cost-effective alternative to vinyl and fiberglass materials. However, it provides lesser insulation, and it is not suitable for colder climate zones.

Window Style

Depending on the architectural style of your home and your preferences, you can choose from a variety of window styles.


This window style consists of two vertical sashes, with or without grilles. Only one sash opens, the upper one remains closed.


This traditional style also has two vertical sashes, but both of them open. 


Casement windows consist of one vertical window that opens to the exterior at one end. It is ideal for regions with strong winds or houses that require ample ventilation.


These windows are fixed and don’t open. They are efficient in providing rooms with a substantial amount of natural light.

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