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How To Choose High-Efficiency Windows?

high efficiency windows blog

One of the reasons for replacing old windows is reducing heat transfer and improving soundproofing. Conventional wooden frames tend to have poor insulation, leading to higher HVAC costs. Modern window technology can reduce heating and cooling bills, make your house comfortable year-round, and minimize your carbon footprint. Keep reading to find out everything you need […]

How to Keep Cold Air From Coming Through Windows?

window cold spot featured

Many of us don’t realize that our windows aren’t doing their job until the winter creeps in. Inefficient windows enable the cool air to enter our homes, making us feel cold and miserable. Besides not keeping our homes warm, inefficient windows also increase our heating bills. Keep reading to learn more about how to keep […]

Types of Double Entry Doors And What Fits Your Home

types of double entry doors

Entry doors increase curb appeal and allow for more natural light to enter your home. Your front door is also one of the first things people notice when they come over or pass by. Therefore, you need to choose wisely.Here’s everything you need to know about double entry doors, how to find the perfect style, […]

Standard Window Sizes Canada

Standard window sizes Canada

When remodelling the woodwork in your home, it might be tempting to go big or use customized windows to create a better aesthetic. However, the system of standard window sizes Canada laws enforce is a much safer and more cost-efficient option. Standardized window sizes are proven to be safe, more energy-efficient, and less prone to […]

The Best Window Trends of 2022 for Any Home

With the pandemic having overshadowed our lives, people have been driven indoors for extended periods of time. This has given rise to many people wanting to take up home improvement and home décor activities to enhance their living space. Our home has now become our nest that we must look after. A lot of customers […]

3 Energy-saving Home Renovation Ideas

Home renovation is a task that requires all hands on participation- from finding the right products to picking the color to match the ambiance of your home. Understand that a timeline for your home renovation projects doesn’t take place all at once. In fact, most of the time spent in the upgrade goes into planning. […]

Check out our latest window replacement project in Port McNicoll

Just last month we completed a window replacement at a house in Port Nicoll – with stunning results! Check out more pictures from the project on our Instagram. Ourselves we just can’t stop ogling the luxurious effect the black frames create with the dark wood. Look closer and you’ll see that the windows themselves are […]

How much work goes into replacing the front door? Common questions answered

The front door is one of the most crucial elements that maintains the security and comfort of your home. It keeps insects and draft out, and protects you from burglars. If you are planning to replace your front door you want to maximize all these benefits.  So, how do you change the entry door without […]

We collect some of our most statement doors from Instagram

At The Window Experts, we are fortunate to have worked on so many amazing window and door projects. It’s our clients who have these incredible ideas in mind – we are just proud to bring them to life. ???? We’ve worked on hundreds of new home and replacement projects, bringing the best windows and doors […]