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Best Ways to Fill a Gap Between a Door and The Floor

One of the biggest bugbears of people during autumn and the winter seasons is the leaves and snow their shoes drag into the house. Even if you have a shoe tray next to the front door someone has to sweep up the debris left at the entrance. Things like leaves, road salt, and pebbles get caught in footwear and make a big mess indoors.

There are a couple of very easy ways to make it so that debris gets swept out of the house automatically – by using door sweeps! Simply install sweeps on your exterior doors and watch them drag the mess outside as the door closes. Best of all, these handy little devices also keep the home warmer. Keep reading to learn more about door bottom sweeps.

What are door sweeps and types of sweeps?

A ‘door sweep’ is a sweeping term for a couple of different types of attachments that are installed at the foot of the door. Both serve the same basic purpose: to remove debris as the door closes and increase the insulation of the door. There are two main types of door bottom sweeps:

  1. Bristle sweeps or brushes – They literally act like a broom, clearing the area under the door every time it is opened or closed.
  2. Rubber bottom seals – A rubberized ‘curtain’ that serves the same purpose. Do not mistake for weatherstripping

Sweeps are easy to install and take apart. They are not normally integrated into the door itself, instead are DIY-ed by homeowners themselves.

Benefits of door bottom sweeps

Homeowners swear by sweeps! They are an indispensable little gadget that dramatically reduce the effort it takes to keep the home clean. Especially during the fall, leaf shedding season, they stop leaves from littering the entire floor.

Sweep out debris – Footwear, especially boots, pick up a lot of debris from and deposit it into the home. As the door is closed, the sweep will brush out most of this debris.

Keep out critters – Spiders and ants are notoriously tenacious at entering the house. Even small gaps in weatherstripping or along with the door frame and floor can give them room to enter. Sweeps are an effective barrier against these.

Door bottom seal – The best way to seal a door against air leakage is weatherstripping. However, adding sweeps is a great way to prevent stronger gusts from seeping in through cracks and crevices. Rubber door bottoms offer a better seal than bristles.

Is it time to replace your door?

Poorly insulated doors are one of the main reasons for water damage during the snow season and inflated energy bills. Door sweeps are a great addition but they cannot substitute a properly sealing door.

Speak to a representative to find out how affordably you can replace your exterior doors. We have a great selection of front doors and patio doors. Make the most of our ongoing offers and easy financing options.


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