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Are Fibreglass Front Doors Good?

Fibreglass entry doors are one of the most popular exterior door options for Canadian homeowners. They are made from a fibre-reinforced polymer and are filled with a strong insulating core. This gives them excellent energy efficiency and strength properties. Homeowners love them as replacement front doors because they come with a realistic wood grain that makes them look and feel like a wooden door too.

Keep reading to find out how fibreglass doors are the every door for every house, and why they are a great option for you.

Benefits of fibreglass doors

Strong as steel, looks like wood and insulates like a wall – fibreglass replacement doors truly are the “Superdoor” for Toronto homeowners.

Completely customizable

Unlike steel and wooden doors, there is a long list of options you can choose from to personalize the door to match your house. Different finishes can mimic different types of wood, there is a large color palette to choose from and they can be made to fit non-standard door frames (large frames, arches, custom shapes).

Large selection of styles and specifications

These doors are available in a large selection of designs and styles. They can be configured with decorative glass inserts and metal grilles. While these enhance curb appeal, elements such as letterbox cut-outs and space for fixtures add utility.

Longevity and strength

Unlike wooden doors in Toronto, fibreglass doors can handle the worst of winter weather. Heavy snow loads, extreme cold and precipitation do not cause the door to warp, shrink, delaminate or break. Fibreglass is inherently a long-lasting material and buyers should expect fade-free performance for upwards of 10 years.


Resistant to scratching, denting and rusting, fibreglass doors require little to no regular maintenance. They can even be cleaned with a mild soap and water!

Energy efficient

Fibreglass is three to five times more insulating than wood! With high performance polyurethane cores, these doors can be both slim and incredibly energy efficient. No wonder there is such a wide range of ENERGY STAR rated fibreglass replacement doors.

Make sure you use triple-glazing for glass inserts to maintain the door’s energy efficiency.


Unlike wood which is prone to shattering and catastrophic failure, fibreglass is far more impact resistant. Its strength gives it the perfect blend of aesthetics and security. Steel doors are stronger than fibreglass, but sacrifice customization options and energy efficiency.


Price is one of the most important factors when deciding which door to buy. Fibreglass doors deliver on great value in two ways: prices of entry-level fibreglass doors are comparable to wooden doors; the longevity of fibreglass spreads the total outlay over a much greater period of time.

Are fiberglass entry doors good?

The short answer is: Yes! Long lifespans, lots of customization options, strength and low maintenance requirements make fibreglass doors the perfect door for most homes, cottages and apartments in Toronto. That their prices are comparable to wooden doors makes them an absolute no-brainer.

How much do fiberglass doors cost?

The price of a door varies by its: dimensions, insulation, design, decorative elements and custom features. Get a quote instantly, talk to a representative today.

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