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All Window Types Explained: Casement, Awning, Bay Windows and More

Windows provide the basic but valuable function of letting natural light into your rooms and keeping them ventilated. A typical house requires several windows which can be of several kinds as well, depending on the homeowners’ needs and designs sensitivities. Depending on what you like, you can narrow down the options and customize any window to suit your taste. Here is a list of some of the most popular types of windows.

Slider windows – These windows have panels that roll horizontally along the tracks and open sideways. It is simple design that involves no complex mechanical parts, allowing it to provide ample ventilation and air circulation. Sliders are also one of the most economical types of windows, providing good insulation at very affordable rates. This makes them one of the most popular choices for homeowners and builders.

Casement windows – Casement windows are usually hinged on the right or the left and open pivoting outwards.  Their large glass panes let in a lot of sunlight and when locked, they offer excellent sealing and high energy efficiency. They are easy to operate and are a relatively common window type found in Canadian homes.

Double & Single-hung windows – Double-hung windows have two operable upper and lower sashes which provide a classic look. As both sashes can be moved up and down, the windows are perfect if you are looking for maximum ventilation.

A single-hung window is essentially the same except with a single movable sash. It offers the same visual sophistication and elegance as double-hung windows. Both types can be tilted and cleaned easily from the inside and outside.

Awning Windows – Awning windows are operated by a crank. They have a top-hinged sash that pivots outwards and opens upwards. Awnings are usually installed above or below a fixed picture window, but will occasionally be used standalone.

Bay Windows – Bay or bow windows are made up of a series of custom arched-glass windows which protrude out from the house, giving homeowners more interior space. They are a fantastic architectural addition that allow light to enter from different angles. Bay windows are best placed in rooms with the best view. Homeowners can create their own special window seat or just provide some extra sunlight for their plants.

Picture Windows – If you are not planning on ventilation and simply want to focus on the view, then picture windows are the thing for you. Inoperable, picture windows can’t be opened or closed. They are usually larger and set up at the centre of a wall, offering a floor-to-ceiling view with plenty on sunlight. With no mechanical parts, picture windows can significantly reduce energy loss.

Windows are a necessity that you just cannot do without. But whether it’s a simple slider you want or an elegant double-hung, The Windows Experts is committed to raising your experience as well as expectations. We provide all types of window installation and replacement services. With years of successfully installing top-quality Canadian-made windows of all types, we transform your necessity into a thing of beauty. Speak to a representative today.


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