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6 Signs You Need to Replace Your Sliding Glass Doors

Have you been living with the same sliding glass doors for so long that you have come to accept their draftiness and imperfections? If this is the case, it may be time to remove them and replace them with something more suitable. Sliding glass doors are an excellent choice for increasing the amount of natural light entering a room while providing unfettered access to the outdoors. This may be accomplished by installing the doors to slide horizontally instead of vertically. Older sliding glass doors need to be updated and usually present potential risks in terms of security. Don’t take chances when it comes to your family’s safety; read on for 6 signs that it is time for you to upgrade your current sliding glass door. 

Damaged Weather Seals

It is time to repair the weather seals on your sliding glass door if they are broken or have worn away to the point where they are no longer effective. This will not only make your door seem nicer, but it will also help keep dust and insects out, as well as increase its ability to keep warm air in during the winter and cool air during the summer.

Broken Locks and Handles

It may be difficult to open and shut your sliding glass door if the lock or the handle is damaged, which is why it is essential to ensure that they are in excellent functioning condition at all times. It is time for a replacement if you find any damage, such as cracks in the handles or locks that do not function correctly.

Difficulty Opening and Closing

Due to wear and tear on the tracks or wheels of the door frame, sliding glass doors might eventually start to stick and become more difficult to open and shut over the course of their lifetime. If you ever need to swiftly exit via the sliding door in an emergency, this may create a hazardous scenario for you.

Poor Insulation

Sliding glass doors of older types often provide little insulation against outside noise or hot/cold temperatures within your house. As a result, they could be more effective at decreasing your energy expenses. It is a terrific method to save costs on energy bills while also making your house more comfortable to live in if you replace them with new versions that are more energy efficient.

Increased Utility Bills

If you sense drafts coming from around the edges of your sliding glass door or if you have older models that lack insulation from outside temperatures and noise levels, you may find that your power costs have increased. This is because older models lack protection from the elements. 

Installing more recent models with greater features can assist in cutting energy expenses by providing better insulation against outside factors. This may be accomplished without losing aesthetics or the comfort of usage when entering and departing via a patio doorway.

Unsafe Conditions

When the tracks of sliding glass doors get clogged with dirt, opening and shutting the doors is more difficult than necessary and may become hazardous. This is particularly true in an emergency when rapid egress is required (such as a fire).

It is essential to do routine checks on the tracks for the accumulation of debris to ensure that they continue to be reliable and operational at all times; if required, the tracks should be replaced entirely to ensure that safety is not compromised in any way, shape, or form! 

Sliding glass doors provide several benefits to homes, including increased natural illumination, simple access for engaging in outdoor activities, higher insulation for temperature management, enhanced security measures, and many more advantages. The hardware of these doors is subject to wear and tear over time, which may cause the advantages to reduce overtime swiftly. As a result, replacement may be necessary every few years depending on the amount of use and exposure to the environment (temperature changes & moisture levels).

If you see any of the six warnings mentioned above, it may be time to replace your existing sliding glass doors with a brand-new sliding door. Get in touch with The Window Experts to get the most effective solutions. Why wait any longer to contact us for more information. 


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