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5 Key Benefits of Choosing Fiberglass Doors

For a household, front doors have to provide adequate security and protection, all the while looking beautiful. As the primary entry point, a front door’s exterior has to raise curb appeal and offer the perfect welcome for guests.  But the front door is also the principal barrier between the household and the elements. That’s why homeowners demand front doors that balance aesthetics and functionality. Over the years, the demand for fiberglass doors has soared. Fiberglass is known for its structural integrity and enhanced durability. Covered with an artificial wooden grain and other designs, it can be made to resemble the classiest of materials without additional costs or maintenance issues. 

5 Benefits of Fiberglass doors:

Enhanced Durability

Probably the most attractive feature of fiberglass doors is their unparalleled robustness and strength. Made with a polyurethane core, fiberglass doors are resistant to rust, warp, rot, corrosion, and infestation. The material does not crack, bow, bend, swell or shrink. Fiberglass is lighter than both steel and wood. This prolongs their lifespan as its lightweight reduces tensile stress on the door’s hinges. Fiberglass doors can withstand the elements over years and do not get affected by the changing seasons.

Low/No Maintenance

Being extremely durable, fiberglass rarely needs much maintenance. Homeowners can clean fiberglass doors using just a piece of cloth and a bucket of soap water. Unlike wood, fiberglass does not chip or erode. If the door has faced harsh sunlight for years, it is natural for it to lose a bit of color. But that can be easily restored using a restorative coat of varnish.  

Energy efficiency

Another reason for fiberglass’s rising popularity is its insulating capabilities. Fiberglass is specifically designed to reduce thermal transfers, thus making them incredibly energy efficient. With up to seven times the insulating value of wood, fiberglass traps indoor heat and doesn’t allow it to escape easily. Similarly, it prevents the outside conditions from influencing the indoors. Over time, reduced heat loss translates to reduced energy bills. 

Increased Security

Most fiberglass doors are reinforced with steel plates that prevent forced entries and enhance security. Entry doors always need to be strengthened to limit their vulnerability. Hidden away from sight within the door frame, these plates add strength and rigidity without being an eyesore. Fiberglass is light, flexible, and stronger than wood. It never rusts or rots. Thus, the chances of breakdowns are greatly reduced. As the hardware is very light and sturdy, manufacturers are able to equip fiberglass doors with multi-point locking systems and extra deadbolts. This greatly improves the safety and security of the household.

Stunning Aesthetics

Being extremely versatile, fiberglass doors can be found in a number of designs, textures, and colors. This incredibly flexible material can be easily fitted with panels to give the door extra appeal. Wooden doors, though pretty, are susceptible to eventual breakdowns and disfigurations. On the other hand, fiberglass doors can retain their shine and sleekness for years. They can be given natural finishes that perfectly resemble high-quality wood without its additional baggage. 

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