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Why Us

The Window Experts is a family-owned undertaking established to address the gap in the windows and door Pickering industry.
More than 15 years ago, as we sat together around our family fireplace, it dawned on us that a better windows and doors
company Pickering, was needed.
Using our needs as the reference point, we decided to offer quality windows and doors that addressed the pain points of both
individuals and manufacturers. As a window and door installer Pickering, we grew, we continued to innovate and provide the
most practical solutions, while, all the time, staying in touch with our core values.
At the Window Experts, we value honesty and dedication, while, at the same time, focusing on improving the functionality of our
services. This is not only reflected in how we carry out our day-to-day operations but also in our recruiting process.

While we work in pursuit of excellence, we focus on giving back to the community as well. Our products are 100% Canadian-
made. When you choose us, you choose hardworking Canadian craftsmen and support their craft.

Windows and Doors

A decade of experience has not only helped us hone our skills but establish ties with a number of vendors. This economy of scale makes our windows and doors one of the most affordable for their quality.

When servicing households, we ask our customers numerous questions to help understand their needs. As the homeowner, you probably want the best product for your house as well as value for your money. As a windows expert, Pickering, it is what we want too.

Have you been asking yourself if it is time for a window replacement/ installation? We’ll help you answer your question with a question. In fact, we’ll help you answer it with four.

  1. Does your home feel too, too hot during the summer? And, does it turn freezing cold over the winter?
  2. Does your electricity bill give you anxiety because it is constantly more than what you expected?
  3. Have your windows/ doors been around so long that you’ve forgotten when you last replaced them? Is it time for a change?
  4. Are you planning to sell your home? Do you want to want to give it a facelift to improve its curb appeal and market value?

If there’s a ‘yes’ echoing in your head in answer to all these questions, then, it might be time for a window/ door replacement/ installation. Well, you’re at the right place! Let’s get started on your window/ door works.

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Services and Servicers

Our team of young and motivated professionals is eager to help you with your window/ door requirements.

We are the chosen outsourcers for several manufacturers. Should you be a manufacturer/ commercial window or door
contractor, feel free to reach out to us for your installation needs. Be it retrofitting, bow windows or brick-to-brick replacement, we
can handle it all!
In addition, our windows and doors experts, with their keen eye, are also happy to assist with inspection services.
To know more or to get started on your next project, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with The Window Experts,

Our Services

Whether it is the installation of a new door or window or repairing your existing ones, Window Expert will take care of them all. For a fully efficient and aesthetically pleasing door and window contact Window Expert now.

Inspection Services

The professionals at Window Expert analyze your home thoroughly first before giving you any solutions. We make sure that no loopholes go unrectified when it comes to fixing your windows and doors in Oakville.

Repair Services

If you are facing any difficulty with your existing doors and windows, get a Window replacement in Oakville. It is any day better when a professional does this for you instead of you adopting failed DIY techniques.

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