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The Window Experts offers windows and doors replacement services in Toronto, Ontario.
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Our Services

We offer outsourcing services to companies, builders and manufacturers to help deliver results to their clients and accelerate their success.
New window installation on new house built

Installation services for builders and contractors

We supply and install windows and doors from Window Wise certified manufacturers.
What does this mean for the customer, i.e. you? Window Wise is the gold standard for the window industry in Canada. 

A Window Wise certification attests for the quality of raw materials as well as the workmanship of the contractors you hire to install/ repair your windows, i.e. us. As builders and contractors, you have a need to stand by a commitment to quality and timeliness. As your trusted supplier, we will not only support you in the endeavour but will be happy to open doors (and windows) to a long-lasting partnership.
House window installation

Installation services for windows and doors companies and manufacturers

Windows and doors companies and manufacturers face several points of pressure. You need to cater to the volume of requests received as well as meet deadlines that might often be unreasonable.
In such situations, a reliable contractor, who can take the responsibility of professional installations off your hand, can be a blessing. At Window Experts, we realize that and we will be happy to assist you with any and all types of window-installations, including:

  1. Brick to Brick installation (Vinyl Windows/Aluminum Windows)
  2. Retrofit/Frame to Frame installation (Vinyl Windows)
  3. Bay to build/Bow to build (with roof/with skirt)
  4. Sliding Doors (any type of standard/custom)
  5. Entrance Doors (Steel/Vinyl/Wood/Fiberglass)
  6. Garden Doors (Steel/Vinyl/Wood/Fiberglass)
House window installation

Inspection services

The need to conduct regular window inspections has been, increasingly, receiving the recognition it deserves. Be it commissioned by regulatory authorities, builders/ contractors, or requested by homeowners themselves, inspections offer a window of opportunity to identify issues before they occur. The issues, in turn, might result in a loss of finances, time or health.
Take, for instance, the case of humidity. Condensation and frost that collect on the surface of poor quality windows can permeate and create moisture, inside homes. This will, in turn, have ramifications on inhabitants’ lung health, in the long run.
This is why, inspecting windows before purchasing them or signing with a contractor, is strongly recommended. Windows Experts offer independent inspection services for companies and clients who had already replaced their windows or doors, but have questions or concerns.