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Everything You Need to Know For Buying Vinyl doors

When it comes to its look, wooden doors have no comparisons. Wood is a classic choice and has been for centuries but when exposed to the elements, it tends to get damaged over time, requiring considerable maintenance and upkeep. Thus, it is very important to choose the right material for your doors beforehand. Vinyl doors help protect the wood from damage and extend its lifespan.

Vinyl doors are created through vinyl cladding.  Raw MDF doors are wrapped with vinyl and sealed using top industrial grade adhesives. A solid wood interior and vinyl exterior ensures that the door is able to withstand the long-term exposure to heat, moisture, stains, etc.  Over the years, vinyl as become the preferred frame material for various kinds of doors, earning a special reputation for sliding patio doors.  Here are certain points to consider if you’re planning on buying a vinyl door for your home.

Pros of vinyl doors

Affordable – The biggest allure for buyers is the surprisingly low price of top quality vinyl doors. Vinyl is one of least expensive doors on the market costing less than wood or steel. With such impressive durability at such low prices, buyers can’t go wrong.

Durable – Vinyl doors resist moisture which makes them extremely durable and resistant. The vinyl doesn’t rot or decay overtime. This gives it great ability to withstand changing temperature and weather conditions for years.

Saves Energy – In the long run, vinyl doors will save you money! Compared to other materials, vinyl fittings are the best and this leaves little room for leakages. Keeping your airflow under control, vinyl keeps the energy requirements in check and saving users their hard-earned money.

Low/No Maintenance – For homeowners, vinyl doors are something to install and forget. Unlike other types of doors, vinyl doors are not easily affected by external elements. It doesn’t dent, bend or catch on fire. Neither is it sensitive to housecleaners or kitchen rags. This rigidity leaves little room for extensive repair and maintenance work.

Things to think about when buying vinyl doors for the home

Exterior Appearance – Vinyl best fits and protects wooden doors. Make sure you find a door that matches your house. Make sure you buy your vinyl doors from a reputable company; it will offer a wider selection of designs and colors. It takes a trusted brand to supply quality vinyl doors that look the part.

Faulty/Unplanned Installations – A thing about vinyl doors is that the design and the installation have to be carefully planned and ably executed. This is because vinyl is brittle and can crack. Thus, installations like a new lock can damage the vinyl. Repairing cracked vinyl doors should be handled by a professional and is best avoided by homeowners.

Large selection of vinyl doors in Toronto and the GTA

At The Window Experts, we specialize in all kinds of door and window installation. We offer only the best vinyl entry doors which are maintenance free, long-lasting, durable, and come with long warranties. We have a door for all budgets.  Check out our collection today.


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