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5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Windows During Spring

Windows require upkeep and maintenance. If the windows become outdated, are shabby to look at, and cannot function properly, they require replacement. But most homeowners usually avoid any maintenance and replacement work in the winter months as that risks exposing the entire household to extreme temperatures. Generally, Spring is considered the best season for all sorts of repair work, especially for window replacements as well as new installation projects.

5 Reasons to Replace Windows During Spring


Window sizes greatly impact the timeline of the project. If large windows are to be moved and replaced, Springtime brings with it pleasant weather. If any unconditioned air enters the home, it will not affect the temperature of the house adversely. Spring air is comfortable and fresh leaving your home feeling well ventilated. It will, however, keep out the harsh summer air that might end up causing too much discomfort. It helps if the wind is neither too hot nor cold making Spring the perfect time for replacing windows.


During spring, the days are quite extended with sunlight till almost 8 pm. The extended hours can help shorten the duration of the project helping you achieve the desired results much faster. With mild temperatures and longer working hours, the technicians find it easier to work on the project.

Save on Cooling Costs

If the windows have become old and are letting in a draft, your bills will have automatically gone up during winters to keep up the heating. You can save up on summer costs by fixing the windows during spring. Go in for energy-efficient windows that help make the budget all the more economical.

Smooth Caulking

To waterproof windows, installers apply caulk to seal gaps and openings. Ideally, latex caulk adheres best in warm weather and should be applied during Springtime. During the winter cold, the caulk and the insulation can turn hard and may even form cracks. If the temperature is too high, the caulk may not properly cure. Fall is also a favorable period for applying caulk but as the season experiences more rain, Spring remains the best time.


Materials such as vinyl and aluminum are susceptible to expansion and contraction under extreme weather conditions. Thus, there remains a possibility that the seals may break. Spring offers the perfect balance and homeowners don’t need to take a chance with a compromised window installation.


Planning to give your household the makeover it needs? Take advantage of the season and call The Windows Expert for the best products and services. For over 5 years, we have been supplying and installing high-quality Canadian-made products that are not just durable but also aesthetic. We are committed to providing exceptional service to help transform your dream home into a reality, starting with your windows.

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