With the pandemic having overshadowed our lives, people have been driven indoors for extended periods of time. This has given rise to many people wanting to take up home improvement and home décor activities to enhance their living space. Our home has now become our nest that we must look after. A lot of customers got their doors and windows replaced for far reaching benefits rather than just beautifying their homes.

If you’re looking for home improvement ideas while you battle the boredom that comes with this pandemic, read on to know the top window trends of 2021:

Larger Windows

Large windows have become a popular trend in 2021 as homeowners want more light into their homes. Given the current work from home model, most homeowners want ample light in their study or work rooms to make their work space more lively with natural light. Through larger windows, people feel connected with the outside world again and better lighting surely works as a mood enhancer. You could go for picture windows which are customizable in terms of frame size and can be paired with other styles of windows for a picture perfect view!

Slide Operating Windows

slide operating window

Your life is complex enough without having to open windows with hard levers or inadequate design. Switch up your style and enhance functionality with easy slide windows that can take away the hassle of hard cranks and noisy levers. These windows are all about convenience. It’s finger based action allows you to easily slide windows to let some fresh air in. They are a perfect replacement for dingy, old windows that take up a lot of strength to open and close.

Going Minimalist

Minimalist decor

In an effort to simplify life, minimalist home designs are gaining immense popularity. The hope space feels lighter on the eyes, is less cluttered and easily managed. Small windows can be replaced by a single, larger unit which easily slides open. Non fussy designs are definitely the go to choice for a more decluttered life.

Eco Friendly Windows

Eco Friendly Window

If the pandemic has done one thing, it has made people more mindful of the environment around them. A lot of homeowners are opting for eco friendly options while renovating their homes. Eco friendly windows are designed in such a way that both the frame and the pain is environment friendly. As far as frames go, wooden windows are the most eco friendly option. For the pain, solar glass is another great addition to making windows eco friendly.

Fiberglass Windows

fiberglass window

Saving and conserving energy is yet another initiative people are taking quite seriously. One of the most energy efficient window ideas that has gained traction is that of fiberglass windows. These windows are up to 8 times more efficient than vinyl windows and this means prolonged life for your windows. They can easily resist swelling and warping and have a lifespan of over 50 years. They allow less heat or cold to flow through the windows and keep the house extremely insulated during harsh winters. Call us today to get a quote if you’re thinking of getting window treatment done to make them more energy efficient.

These home trends can easily be incorporated into your home with minimal effort on your part. If you’re thinking of installing new windows or getting existing windows treated, just look up The Window Experts. We can help you realize your dream home with cost effective, energy efficient windows that will enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your home.

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