Low Emissivity Coating

We provide the option of coating your windows with a low-emissivity layer that helps shield windows from the radiations of the sun as well as insulate homes.

With ideal R-values and the ability to block UV radiation, this coating helps preserve livable temperatures indoors, through the four seasons.


Want to take advantage of the heat from the sun to insulate your home and reduce energy bills? Our Energy-ON package helps you do just that.


On the other hand, if your home turns into a furnace and you would like to keep the sun’s radiation out, choose our sun-guard package.

Glaze Up!

All sliders and hung windows can be accommodated with double glazing.

Increase the longevity of your windows and prevent incremental heat accumulation. Triple glazed glass guarantees superior quality and qualifies for higher energy-rating standards. Call us to understand the double and triple glazing options for your windows.

Walls, Profiled

Be it casement, awning, picture or fixed windows, we use a PVC profile that is 7% to 10% thicker than the average for the industry. This works best for heavier windows, such as ones with triple glazing as well as windows that have large structures.

One Window, Multiple Chambers

Better structural integrity. Greater insulation from sound. Decreased warping risks. Our multi-chamber window design helps your window achieve all of this and much more.

Intelligent Screen Groove Ports

Achieve pinpoint fit for screens that have a push-down model with a groove port incorporated in the window.

Argon and Krypton Gas

Bid window pane chambers, filled with air, goodbye. Our triple-pane gas windows come filled with Argon and Krypton, gases that conduct 50% of the heat. In summers, this means less heat gets transferred indoors and in winters, less heat gets lost to the outdoors. Now, isn’t that a win-win?

Window Reinforcement Options

Whether it is for a single window or a combination, we offer several reinforcement options. For larger window systems, our reinforcement options are automatically included. For smaller units, they are available as add-ons. Call us to learn more.

Twice as Nice

When you buy slider and hung windows from The Window Experts, you buy double-wall protection that keeps the parts moving without any friction.

Yes Drain, No Pain

Worried about water permeating through the windows into your house? Worry no more! Our windows come with drain holes that lower the risk of permeation. What’s more, they’re hidden – so the window design remains picture-perfect.

Lock, Stock and Window

With a robust interlocking system, there is less chance for engagement and friction on the window mullions.

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