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twe smart windows
Are your windows smart?

Smart home automation is an exciting new arena for homeowners. It lets them control the house intelligently, takes care of repetitive everyday chores, makes the house safer and enables remote control. For many a ‘smart’ home has meant a toaster you can control with an app or turning light bulbs on and off by voice. But smart windows do so…

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twe front door diy replacement e1588018121687
Should you DIY your front door?

We get it, DIY is part of Canadian life and self-reliance is certainly no bad thing. But door installation, especially something like front door replacement is fraught if you try and do it without prior experience! No matter how many ‘how to install an exterior door’ videos you watch on YouTube, you simply aren’t prepared for the challenges a door…

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twe slider windows vs hung windows e1588017712343
Sliding vs hung windows: Which is right for you?

Sliding or hung, which is better? We often hear homeowners ask about which style of opening window is best for their home. Which is more energy efficient? Which is quieter? Which one lets in more light? In this blog we end the sliding window vs hung window confusion. Different window styles But before we do, let’s take a look at…

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twe best doors for canadian winters
Best Doors for Canadian Winters

Not all winters are the same and neither are doors. Poorly designed doors can make homes drafty and raise heating costs. A low quality door can also become a safety hazard if it cannot keep your family safe during winter (think jammed doors, wind chill and security). Finding the best exterior doors for cold weather is essential. In this article…

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energy effecient
Should you get energy efficient windows?

Energy efficient windows help homeowners make their living space more comfortable in summer and in winter. The increased insulation helps cut energy bills by half! In this article we’ll explain how windows save you money and the other benefits of installing energy efficient windows. Do new windows really save energy? Yes, new energy efficient windows actually reduce energy bills. Their…

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Top 3 Reasons Why Triple Pane Glass Makes For Amazing Replacement Window Markham

If you are looking for replacement windows in Markham weather means you should be considering triple pane windows. Sure they are heavier and a little more expensive than double-glazed windows (at first), but the benefits of having triple-glazing are simply enormous. The best analogy for comparing triple pane windows to dual pane windows is to compare them to light bulbs.…

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